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3 Best Rated Antique Doctors Bags Available On Amazon

antique doctors bags

All doctors must under any circumstances always carry with them their medical tools that are in accordance to their specialization. Being a doctor or any medical practitioner, on the other hand, means being on duty 24/7 whether at work, at home or even while vacationing. It is their social responsibility to ensure their assistance whenever they are required in any emergency situation.

Doctor bags are hence used as a way of carrying all the mostly needed medical equipment by medical personals wherever they go.

The exceptionally high demand in Doctor bags has led to newer and more fashionable upgrades being made to the traditional looking ones.

With such a wide range of options being open, medical practitioners are now able to enhance their style as well as give out a fashion statement of their own whether it pertains to the Classical or takes the shape of contemporary designs.

For all the classical lovers out there, listed below are three of the top most notch Vintage Doctor bags available for purchase at

Vintage Leather Messenger Bag

Available at a 47% sale price of $79.99 then the original $149.99, buyers can save up to an astonishing $70.00 with this beautiful Vintage Leather Messenger Bag by Komal’s Passion Leather. Made out of the heist quality of Genuine 100% leather, Olive green canvas of the heavy duty standard we used to ensure the highest caliber of customer satisfaction.

A top handle is made of the same durable canvas leather and is attached to the top while the option of using the manually adjustable shoulder strap is also provided in cases where the hands are all full. The possibility of using the shoulder strap or the handle whichever convenient makes it easy for the user to carry their essential medical items wherever they go.

With complete product dimensions of 16 inches’ width x 12 inches’ height x 5 inches’ depth, the Vintage Leather Messenger Bag by Komal’s Passion Leather is ideal for carrying a variety of items whether a stethoscope or a Blood Pressure monitoring cuff. The rich brown color of the bag depicts elegance as well as royalty.

A double buckle fastening is integrated on the front flap to ensure the protection of the items place inside. The Interior of the Vintage Messenger Bag by Komal’s Passion Leather includes one main compartment big enough to comfortably fit a 15.6-inch laptop or even other personal items such as files, books, etc. Two additional inner compartments are also a part of the interior along with two separately zipped compartments.

A small pocket is also included for separately placing the user’s cell phone, cash or other gadgets that need to be easily accessible. This 100% handmade product also has been manufactured through the use of Natural edible oils without any chemicals for being eco-friendly and achieving the sleek finish to it.

The Vintage Messenger Bag by Komal’s passion Leather is designed to be unisex in nature so that it can be utilized to it optimum level by both men as well as women. Durable, Spacious and elegant, it is considered to be ideal for giving as a gift or even for personal use.

Glamourous and Antique in the front as well as the back.

Weighing only 3.5 pounds and being rated an average of 4.7 stars out of 5, by 227 customers, this product is at #22 in the Messenger Bags section of At its sale price, The Vintage Messenger Bag by Komal’s Passion Leather is a must-have.

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Women Lady’s Embroidered Antique

This stunningly chic handbag by Jooyi is available at at a price of $29.99. Made out of classical handmade bead working, famous back in the 1900’s, the Woman Lady’s Embroidered Antique by Jooyi is simply a work of art.

With complete exterior product dimensions of 9 inches’ length x 5 inches’ height x 3 inches’ width, it is perfect to be used as an evening purse or even as a party clutch.  Even if the color Baby-pick is not your style, then worry no further since the same product is also available in a variety of other dynamic colors such as pure black, dark rich brown, Metallic gray, shiny silver and even purple.

The approximate interior dimensions measure up to 8.5 inches’ length x 4.5 inches’ height x 2.5 inches’ width, making it ideal for carrying items like cell phones, makeup products, keys, and ID. A removable metal chain is also attached to both sides to be used as a shoulder chain whenever the user wishes.

When the chain is removed, however, the Embroidered Antique by Jooyi can simply be used as a clutch. The usage of Rhinestones over the silver clasp closure gives out a royal touch, and when opened, it gives way to an open flap pocket to ensure that the most needed items are easy to reach.

Glamourous and Antique in the front as well as the back, the Women’s Ladies Embroidered Antique by Jooyi is ideal for women that are into collecting Vintage bags/ clutches, especially those with beads and stone detailing.

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SCHINDLER Antique-Leather Doctors Bag

Daylight White in color, The Schindler Antique Leather White Doctors bag by Baron of Maltzahn is one of a kind. Manufactured from the highest grade of antique handmade leather, it guarantees to deliver style as well as durability with long-term use.

Consisting of a padded top handle to ensure optimum comfort for the user while carrying it, the Antique Leather White Doctors bag by Baron of Maltzahn also features a safety clasp at the opening to maximize the protection of the medical items placed inside. With a complete external product dimension of 41cm Length x 23 cm width x 27.5 cm height, it is ideal for carrying a large variety of medical essentials.

The interior of the Antique Leather White Doctors bag by Baron of Maltzahn is divided into two equal compartments while four studs at the bottom of the bag protect it from picking up any dirt when placed on the floor.

Depicting style and grace, the Antique Leather White Doctors bag by Baron of Maltzahn are definitely one of the best there is.

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