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3 Best Rated Army Medic Bags Available On Amazon

army medic bags

You cannot avoid emergency situations. You need to face them in order to survive.  Whenever you are suffering from an injury, you definitely need some aid. It is always safe for you to keep a small first aid kit with you, whether you are going on a hiking trip, going to your workplace or going on a war.

For keeping the first aid kit for a battlefield, Army Medic Bag is very essential. They are of very high quality and very durable. These bags fit in all the essentials you want to, according to their sizes. These best-selling Army Medic bags available on Amazon are the must haves.

There are various types of Army Medic Bags in the market. We bring you the most durable ones, which you should have:

Rothco Vintage Medic Bag

Rothco Vintage Medic Bag comes in a Khaki cross color, giving it a pure army look. It is a very stylish bag having a large plus sign on its front, indicating it to be a medical bag. The bag weighs 12 ounce.

It is easy to carry. You can either hang it on your shoulder with its long adjustable shoulder strap or you can wear it like a backpack with its two brown leather straps at the back. It also has a tag hanging on its side. Its size is 12 1/2″ x 11″ x 3 1/2″. This stone washed medic bag is quite spacious.

You can keep your first aid kit in this bag. This medic bag is quite rough and tough. Whenever you are going on a hiking trip in mountains or going to workplace or even you are at home, you should have this bag nearby you. It is made up of durable material that will keep the medical kit safe and protected.

It has a large compartment with a flap. And it is closed by two leather straps. Apart from storing medical goods, this bag can be used for holding pens, notepads and electronics. It cannot store a laptop but it can be used to store tablet. This bag can be best used by the soldiers in military fields.

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Military IFAK Army Medic

If you are building your own medical kit, you must be requiring a bag to store your kit in a protective place. It has a Velcro medic patch. It includes 78 pieces first aid kit contents.

It is a spacious bag with 8 inches height, 6 inches width and a depth of 2 inches. This bag is MOLLE (Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment) compatible and can be carried with ease. It is made up of good fabric that is waterproof.

It has compartment with good space. It has a very stylish lock on strap at front. This is a must have kit for the boy scouts and for anyone who wants to keep the first aid kit nearby.  

Soldiers and campers can make best use of this kit. It’s compact, well made and carries decently. It is designed for the treatment of serious combat wounds.

It is an awesome product that comes in good price.

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Elite Army Medic Kit Bag

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For the convenience of the users, this product comes in large size. Large size of this Medic kit bag makes it handy to store much more medical essentials than ordinary medical kit bags.

GI stocked issue bag has a set of backpack straps that are made up of high quality material and make the bag easy to carry. This bag has another carrying handle as well.

GI stocked issue bag measures 16”x10”x13.5” and weighs 12.25 pounds. It is not very heavy because this bag contains 320 items. All of the items will prove very useful to you for first aid.

This whole helps in controlling bleeding, keeping blood pressure under control, relieving the pain and stabilizing the wounds before the physician arrives in emergency situations. The kit can be best used by soldiers in military fields for the emergency situations.

This bag comes in very reasonable pric. GI stocked issue bag is made up of very high quality material which is durable enough to withstand changing weather conditions. This bag would be helpful for medical trainers, boy scouts or any other person going to workplace or going on a hiking trip, can make good use of it.

It is divided into 6 pouches of equal sizes and each pouch has different items. Pouch one has ten ABD Pads, two bandages to stop bleeding, one Multi-Trauma Dressing and one Universal Splint”.

Second pouch contains first aid guide, small flashlight, two surgical blades, CPR mask, scissors, two surgical clamps, tweezers, probe, 30 Benzalkonium Chloride Antiseptic Towels, 15 medium sized Iodine Prep Pads, 16 Alcohol Prep Pad, a bandage, burn spray, 1 6 ounce Calamine Lotion, hand sanitizer, Sterile Saline Eye Wash, 5 Rolls Surgical Tape, 2 Tongue Depressors, 9 butterfly bandages, 11 gauze pads  and 5 Small Band-Aids.

Third pouch contains 5 Dressing Sponges, elastic bandage, 2 pill bottles, a stethoscope and 12 bandages. Fourth pouch contains 2 Multi-Trauma Dressing, 2 bandages to control bleeding, 31 Benzalkonium Choride Towels, 6 Sting Relief Alcohol Swabs and 16 Alchohol Prep Pads.

Fifth pouch contains 100 Cotton Tipped Applicators, 1 Multi-Trauma Dressing, 4 Instant Ice Compress Packs and 120 Curad Band-Aids and sixth pouch contains 3 multi trauma dressings.

These Army medic bags are highly recommended if you want to have your own medical kit nearby, in emergency situations. They are of very high quality and are very durable. You should not miss out these cheap medic bags.


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