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6 Best Rated Nourishing Baby Oils Available On Amazon

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Being a new mom comes with numerous responsibilities. As parents, you want to do everything to keep your baby healthy and happy.

The perfectly sized clothes, mother’s milk, colorful toys, and the best cosmetic care can nurture your baby and lead to an improved growth in the years to come.

One of the most sensitive thing to care for is baby skin as it is about 20-30 times thinner than adult skin. Skin is also the largest body organ and readily absorbs whatever is put on it. So, all parents need to give extra care and love to their baby’s skin.

In this article, we will be introducing six of the best nourishing baby oils on Amazon. This is a great review for all expecting and new mothers. Give your baby a gentle and soothing start to life with these specially made baby products.

Burt’s Bees Baby 100% Natural Baby Nourishing Oil

Burt’s Bees 100% natural baby oil is made from pure and natural ingredients that give an enchanted feel when used on the skin. The oil comes in a nicely packaged bottle. Each pack has three bottles of finely extracted baby oil.

The ingredient list is labelled on the back of the bottle, some of the ingredients include apricot kernel oil, grapeseed oil, canola oil, seed oil and glycine etc. This combination of ingredients is both nourishing and moisturizing on the skin.

The skin moisturizing effect is ensured by apricot and grape seed oil. The antioxidants give a refreshing feel whereas the vitamins nourish the young baby skin.

In addition to being made from high quality ingredients, the Burt’s baby oil is clinically approved as well. It is pediatrician tested. All ingredients are hypoallergenic and therefore are harmless to use on the baby skin.

There are two ways to use the oil, it can either be added directly into the bathtub or it can be applied after bath.  The perfect way to nurture your baby from head to tiny toes. Softens dry skin and locks in moisture.

Natural ingredients give your baby the best care. Even the fragrance that comes with using the oil is all natural. Free from preservatives such as parabens, phthalates, petroleum, SLS or other harmful substances.

A precious gift for all mothers. At one hand it gives your baby the best smoothness, on the other hand it also gives mothers peace of mind. You know you are doing your best when you select the finest things for your baby.

Great for massaging on the delicate skin. Absorbs quickly and does not lead to an oily mess. Some parents have reported to have used this on eczemic baby skin, lessens the eczemic redness and in some cases it is completely gone. Similar is the case if your baby is facing winter dryness, apply this oil and get rid of cracked and weeping skin.

With amazing customer reviews, this oil is your baby’s way to have great glowing skin as an adult. Buy once, buy again.

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Earth Mama Angel Baby Oil

This Earth’s Mama Baby oil is made for extremely sensitive baby skin. It is made with pure herbs with all natural ingredients and a good amount of love.

This oil is made fragrance free to eliminate any side effects on sensitive skin that may come with fragrance ingredients. The oil is available in a plastic bottle that is 6.2 inches tall and has a safe, easy to use pump system. The pump is protected by a plastic cap.

Earth’s Mama Baby Angel oil is so safe that is hospital recommended and is used in Neonatal Intensive Care Units (NICUs). No nut oils are used, only pure herbs. An honest ingredient list is present on the package.

Toxin and synthetic chemical free. Completely hypoallergenic, allergy causing vitamins such as Vitamin E are also not used in making this oil.  The formula of the Earth’s Mama oil is designed by a herbalist and a Nurse. Gluten free, harmless and Non-GMO.

In contrast to the previous oil that could be used as a bath oil, this oil is only to be used as a massaging oil. Truly a multifunctional oil.

An interesting use of the oil is in DIY homemade baby wipes or cloth diapers. Just make a solution of the oil and dip your wipes or cloth in it. The oil is strictly not intended to cure any medical condition but ensures that your baby get the best care especially if has dry skin or redness.

Earth’s Mama baby oil has been used for over a decade. Works best when used after a lukewarm bath. Just spray a little in your hand and massage on to the body. Does not lead to an oily mess or frizzy shine.

Great absorbance. Parents have also used it on eczemic skin and experienced positive results. Wonderful customer reviews on Amazon. You will end up bottles and bottles of this oil. Totally a worthy purchase.

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Johnson’s Baby Oil

Johnson’s Baby Oil is a baby hair oil made from shea and cocoa butter. It has a no more tangles formula that leaves baby’s hair all shiny and healthy. Especially suited for baby girls whose mothers want their baby to grow up into a pretty girl.

The oil comes in an inverted 5.7 inches bottle, easy to place and easy to pour. This Johnson’s oil is kind of a shampoo plus oil. The tangle-free formula unlocks curls and tangles in curly hair maintain the natural bounce of curls. Completely allergy free and tested.

Locks in moisture in the hair and makes them easy to comb and handle. No more freaking minutes as you comb your baby’s hair. It is to be kept in mind that this oil has a thicker texture, looking more like a gel so it should not be massaged directly on the skin.

Only meant for hair. Ideal to be used after bath on slightly wet hair. Get away from the dry and frizzy hair with just a few drops of this gel oil. The oil also has a beautiful fragrance that lasts long and give a feeling of freshness.

Extremely good for babies of African origin as they have thick hair. The gel oil will soften the hair and make them overall more manageable.

Economical in price and use. The thick saturated formula only requires a few drops to be put on the hair. Lasts long. So good that you being a mommy would not be able to resist its aroma. No worries mommy because it is equally good for adults too.

Good customer reviews by real customers on Amazon. A great pick for your baby. Your baby deserves the best product. This product is a must check!

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Cetaphil Baby Moisturizing Oil with Organic Calendula

Cetaphil Baby Moisturizing Oil is another natural and pure product for your baby’s soft skin. The special ingredients added in the oil include organic calendula, sweet almond oil and sunflower oil.

A combination of these ingredients gives a delightful essence. To ensure extra care for baby skin the oil is made paraben free, colorant free and mineral oil free. These qualities make the oil hypoallergenic. The oil is also dermatologically tested.

Cetaphil’s Baby Oil is available in a relatively larger bottle of 7.5 inches having 13.5 ounces of fluid. It gently moisturizes the skin so your baby gets rid of the dryness. The pure blend of ingredients gives sweet touch perfectly suited for your baby.

The texture of the oil is silky and smooth and therefore, it can be used both as a bath oil and a bedtime oil. The oil has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. Completely free of additives that may lead to irritation or itching.

To apply the oil, lightly towel the body and spread a few drops on the baby while his body is still a little wet. You will experience a pure fragrance as you use the oil, the fragrance is also natural. When compared to other baby oils, this Cetaphil Oil is free from grease or mess.

It rubs and absorbs quickly into the skin not leading to an oily feeling. Your baby’s skin would be hydrated and moisture perfectly secured inside. Ideally designed for babies but adults can also use it and get a pure feeling.

A perfect choice for your little one. Care for him from the best products found in nature. Cetaphil’s baby oil is all sweetness and goodness. Outstanding reviews by customers on Amazon.

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Johnson’s, Baby Oil Creamy Aloe & Vitamin E,

Again, we bring to you Johnson’s baby oil (creamy). The oil is called creamy oil as it is made from creamy aloe and vitamin E. Provides a long-lasting moisturized experience. This Johnson’s oil comes in a green tube like container. The size of the bottle tube is even larger than the previous Cetaphil’s oil. The Johnson’s baby oil is 8 inches in length and has 8 fluid ounces of the product.

Although, the texture of the oil is creamy, the oil absorbs very quickly into the skin and does not lead to any oily or grease like shine. The oil is not completely hypoallergenic and uses a lot of synthetic ingredients and vitamins. Some of the synthetic ingredients include tetrasodium EDTA, Methylparaben, and polyparaben etc.

The oil also works as a beg repellent. Being a beg repellent oil, it helps in protecting your little baby. If you live in an area that has large mosquito populations or in summers then do apply the Johnson’s baby oil Johnson’s baby oil has a wonderful fragrance. The fragrance lasts long.  A great multifunctional product.

Care should be taken not to apply this oil if your baby has eczema or any other medical condition. The synthetic ingredients may cause irritation on the skin. Equally good for adults too. Pregnant mothers should also massage this oil on to your body. With this oil there would be no more bug bites and your baby would be a healthy baby in the successive years.

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Coconut Baby 4 oz – Organic Baby Oil

The last but equally great of the six best baby oils is the Coconut Essential’s organic baby oil. It is more kind of a healing oil rather than a regular massage oil. Yet regular use would not hurt. The oil comes in a white and black colored medium sized bottle.

Made with all natural ingredients to give a healing moisturizing effect to your baby’s skin. Relief the symptoms of medical conditions such as eczema and psoriasis.

Ideal for babies who have stretch marks, cradle cap or diaper rashes on the skin. Effectively soothes dry skin. To use, only take a small quantity of the product and apply on the skin followed by massage.

The main ingredient of the product is coconut oil. Coconut oil naturally is solid below 75˚F. So, if your oil is too thick and solid you would need to give some heat before using. Can be applied all over the body from head to toe. This oil can also be used on the scalp if your baby is not showing proper hair growth.

Soft and irritation-free skin. This is an excellent baby oil. Coconut oil not only works good but also smells good. Amazing customer reviews on Amazon. This oil is a savior for your baby and you too. A must check.

One way of showing love is giving them the best in hand. These oils for your baby are so good that they satisfy you to the fullest and set your baby on the path to grow healthy and shine in the years to come!

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