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3 Best Rated Bandage Scissors Available On Amazon

bandage scissors

Evidence collected by archaeologists indicate that the usage of scissors as a tool meant for cutting materials can be dated back to 1500 BC. Starting off with being a very dull looking U-shaped steel manufactured device with two sharp blades, scissors have had several upgrades making them into what they are today.

In the 21st century, a vast categorization of scissors can be found with each category consisting of specifically designed shapes along with variations in their specified usage.

One such group called ‘Bandage Scissors’ has gained a lot of popularity among all kinds of health care facility due to its unique design to ensures convenience for the user as well as security for whom it is used.

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Mentioned below are three of the top most reviewed medical bandage scissors available at

EMT Trauma Shears

The one most prominent feature that makes the EMT Trauma Shears by Carabiner-Shears unique from other Surgical Bandage scissors is the availability of a Carabiner latch mechanism built into the handle for extra convenience of its user while carrying around. This helps nurses and doctors attach the Scissors onto their medical costs and use it whenever needed without having to misplace it accidently.

With 218 5-star reviews from satisfied customers, the EMT Trauma Shears by Carabiner-Shears is made up entirely of the top most quality of stainless steel. Featuring handles that are molded to fit the finger circumference of its user with ease and comfort along with milled serration blades, The EMT Trauma Shears can be considered as being unique as well as very convenient.

Built for the sole purpose of cutting through the toughest of materials whether seat belts, clothes or bandages, this product comes at an easy-to-carry standard size of 7.5 inches and is highly autoclavable in nature. Thus having the ability to withstand extreme amounts of pressure.

Measuring to only 7.5 inches, The EMT Trauma Shears consist of angled and blunt blade tips to avoid gouging the skin while sliding through the material that is to be cut. Considered as being the ‘the best trauma shear they’ve ever had’ consumer reviews highlight the consistency in performance of the pivoted blades as well as the high levels of durability.

Ranked as being #7 in the Industrial & Scientific Department of Amazon, The EMT Trauma Shears also contain an additional feature of being available in many different colors. Manufactured in Red, Blue, Black and Neon Pink colors, one can now purchase them to add a dash of color to your workplace aura as well as your personality.

Available with a 1-year warranty to cover damages and defects caused due to incompetent workmanship, the EMT Trauma Shears by Carabiner is a must-have if you work in the Medical Field as a doctor, a nurse or even a paramedic.

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Medical Bandage Medical Scissors

With the primary function of being used to cut through bandage or tape, The Nurse/EMT/Medical Bandage Scissors are made from Highly set standards of stainless steel blades along with a durable and a tough plastic handle for achieving higher levels of efficiency. Consisting of a total size of 5.9 Inches x 2.76 Inches, the Nurse/EMT/Medical 6-inch Utility Bandage Medical Scissors are perfect for carrying around in the medical lab coat pocket.

The safety features for this product known as Angled tip blades are blunt when it comes to the level of sharpness to stop the blade from piercing skin while cutting the bandage off of the victim. The Nurse/EMT/Medical 6-inch Utility Bandage Medical Scissors also involve a surprise factor with the random shipping of a differently colored scissor than the one shown in the product description.

The variations in colors of the handles include black, dark green, neon green along with neon blue to add more color to your profession. Calculating up to 3.5-star reviews by 28 different customers, The Nurse/EMT/Medical 6-inch Utility Bandage Medical Scissors ranks #11 in health and personal care on

An additional note is also mentioned by the manufacturers of the product letting their prospective customers know that there may be differences in size of the Bandage scissor due to rare errors in manual measurements. Also, the colors may be at times slightly different once the shipping arrives due to tiny mistakes.

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Premium Quality Medical Scissors

With a whopping 337 5-star customer reviews indicating 100% customer satisfactions, The Premium Quality Fluoride Coated Medical Scissors by Madison Supply must be a part of the must-have list for any medical practitioner. Consisting of the outermost layer with a thick Fluoride coating, the medical scissors can now easily be used to cut through tape without having to get involved in a sticky mess.

Purely black in color, The Premium Quality Fluoride Coated Medical Scissors measure up to 7.5 inches, making them ideal to be carried along by Nurses or even doctors. Sharply designed blades are used for the precise and effortless cutting off the toughest most material, hence cutting bandages, gauze or even bags with comfort.

The comfortably created handle of every scissor goes through several checks to assure that the highest level of quality is being delivered. Each handle itself also is made around a circumference of comfortable size making it the more convenient for Medical practitioners to carry out tasks that involve the constant usage of such a specifically designed scissor.

Labeled as being medical scissors that never fail to deliver regardless of how long they have been in use in the past, The Premium Quality Fluoride Coated Medical Scissors by Madison Supply should be tried and tested by those that aspire to be something big in particular within the Medical Field.

The type of Medical Bandage Scissor to be purchased is a decision which should take into consideration many various components. If chosen wisely, the equipment could last years and years without having to change it or replace it for a Bandage Scissor that works better and delivers more.

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