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6 of the Best Foundations for Oily Skin Available On Amazon

best foundations for oil skin

Applying foundation is one of the first steps in getting a picture perfect beauty look. A foundation works to hide your imperfections such as freckles and dark spots and make your skin ready for the application of makeup.  All women can relate to the struggle of choosing the right foundation for their skin type.

“This one is too light for my skin tone!”, “I guess its dulling my complexion”, “This one does not look natural”, “I think this one is the perfect shade for me, Oh wait no!” These are some of the common phrases you will hear from women when they are selecting a foundation. With too many foundation varieties and different brands in the market, each advertising their product as the best for your skin the struggle gets harder. However, you are at the right place now as we are going to review 6 of the best-selling foundations for oily skin available on Amazon!

Oily skin needs extra care and can be a bit hard to manage when it comes to selecting products and applying them. Yet, if you know how to choose the right foundation for oily skin type, you can literally do miracles for your complexion and shine through all those blemishes and breakouts. The perfectly suited foundation will not over-glaze or under-glaze your look whereas cheap foundations that are not suited for your skin type can clog your pores and damage your skin. So, without any wait let us see what the 6 best oily skin foundations have to offer to your skin and how you can use them to suit your specifications.

Maybelline New York Poreless Foundation Makeup

Maybelline is one of the most trusted and famous names when it comes to cosmetics and makeup. There are many different foundation ranges by Maybelline in the market that have been modified and advanced to suit the environment and beauty needs. We have reviewed Maybelline “Fit Me” Matte Plus Poreless foundation. It is designed for normal to oily skin types. So, if you have a skin that keeps on switching between dry and oily then this one is the perfect choice for you!

It has a matte make and will not over-glorify your face. Rather it will naturally add a tinge of glow to your complexion. People would not even know that you are wearing makeup.

This Maybelline’s foundation has a liquid/fluid make. Fluid foundations are more preferable as they can be worn for longer durations. Powder foundations usually do not work well as they appear as unblended makeup marks on your skin (this can be a woman’s worst nightmare). Most specifically, this foundation is suited for skins that have visible pores and shine too much. Every girl ideally wants to fake a natural look which can only be achieved if you the foundation according to tone and texture is chosen. Maybelline’s Fit Me foundation well satisfies the needs of oily skin, it absorbs the extra oils on the skin and settles onto your face to minimize the pores.

Customers on Amazon have reviewed it as “Magic in a bottle” and “Must buy”. For many women it is a dream to go foundation. It comes in various shades, each shade has a specific name and number for easy identification. All shades have the same basic good qualities. The foundation coverage lasts for up to 12 hours. Your perfect flawless finished look is just right here. Order it now on Amazon, monthly subscription is also available!

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Revlon Colorstay Makeup For Combination

This Revlon foundation has a long lasting 24 hours technology. You can apply it on your skin and enjoy the amazing look throughout the day. It is designed for combination/oily skin (the skin type most difficult to deal with). By using the foundation, you will get a medium to full coverage (depending upon the amount of product used), with a semi-matte finish that has neither too light nor too dark.

In addition to being your beauty partner, this Revlon foundation also protects the skin against harmful UV rays as it is formed with SPF 6. Just a few drops of this foundation on your skin and you are good to go out in those otherwise unbearable sunny days.

The product comes in a beautiful transparent bottle having 30ml amount. Like, the previously discussed foundation it also has a fluid make that is easy to apply and wear for longer durations.  For application, shake well the foundation and apply to one area at a time blending with the other finger. It also easy to take off and does not leave residues on the skin.

Oily skin types most commonly suffer from the problem of shiny skin. This Revlon Colorstay foundation has an oil-free shine control. It gives a slightly matte look to hide all kinds of undertones, blemishes, breakouts and hyper pigmented areas.

It also comes in various shades like Golden Beige, Caramel etc so you can chose the shade that suits you the best. As it is designed for longer wear, it does not oxidize into your skin after a few hours rather stays fresh all day long. A lovable product that you will like to repurchase and repurchase! Your skin care routine is just made super easy by Revlon.

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Matte Long Wear Oil Free Foundation

While the previous two foundations by Revlon and Maybelline are the perfect, best-selling make up solutions for oily and combination/oily skin this Matte foundation by Golden Rose is an “under the budget”, quick solution for your oily skin struggles. It provides great coverage and matte finish for a long lasting, oil free look. It keeps the skin smooth and blemish free throughout the day so you do not need to have frequent touch ups. This makes Golden Rose foundation a best purchase for busy days.

It has an added higher SPF protection which allows you to stay confident under the sun. Like all other foundations, it is also available in a number of shades ranging from natural beige to golden beige, sand, ivory, caramel and others. This range of 10 shades suit every complexion.

Good Manufacturing Practices are followed in its making. It is not tested on animals like other foundations and makeups. It comes in a transparent bottle through which the product is visible. The bottle is covered with a plastic cap. A small pump will help you easily take out the product and apply it on your skin.

It has a professional lightweight coverage that looks a natural and undetectable look. Easy to blend on the skin and non-oily. It gives a natural and glowing look to Easy to blend on the skin and non-oily. It gives a natural and glowing look to your face. The finished coverage is nice, smooth and silky. The fluid type gives a non-cakey look. Brighten and complete your complexion with this Golden Rose ultimately amazing foundation.

Buy this foundation to add a thin and beautiful look to your face. Your perfect dream look is made achievable with this Golden Rose top favorite product.  Flushed with five starred customer reviews on Amazon!

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Clinique Even Better Makeup SPF15

This Clinique foundation is also suited for combination/oily skin type. It comes with SPF 15 so you can wear it as a normal sunscreen as well. It has an oil free formula which removes excess oil from your skin and makes it look non-greasy and non-cakey. Makeup cannot be applied on greasy face as the skin becomes sweaty and overly glowing. Therefore, a non-greasy foundation like this should be used to properly cleanse the skin and make it ready for the application of other makeup products.

The foundation comes in a 30ml transparent colored bottle. The liquid make of the product is easy to apply and the product lasts long, you just need a pea sized amount to apply on your skin for a light coverage. For heavier coverage, you can go for 2-3 coats of the product. It will give you an even, toned and flawless complexion.

Clinique foundation is available in different shades each of which is designed for specific complexions. However, this neutral shade is suited for pale skin types that usually have undertones and hyper pigmentation.

Women of all ages can use this foundation. Older women have uneven skin tones usually with freckles, dark circles and other spots. Such skin is very hard to manage for makeup. However, this foundation range by Clinique will also work on such skins and prime it clearly.

We all know that re-application of the product is a mess especially on days when you are away from home e.g. travelling. In such cases we look for something that will go a long way without the need to be re-applied. Clinique foundation is especially made water-proof, it will not rinse away or get cakey as a result of harsh weather or dust. Professional ladies involved in fieldwork find this Clinique foundation particularly suited to them.

A great choice for travel and work. Light weight and soft on the skin. Check it out on Amazon!

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SHANY Perfect Canvas Liquid Foundation

Shany Perfect Canvas Liquid foundation is an oil-free solution for oily skin types. It is free of parabens and hypoallergenic so can be used with people of all ages. There are no side effects of the product because it has minimal synthetic ingredients.

This is a multi-purpose product. To enrich the skin with healthy nutrients, Shany foundation is infused with vitamins (A, E and C). These vitamins nourish the skin and give it a long-lasting glow. It is also available in a large variety of shades. The texture of this Shany foundation is a bit creamy, so you only need a small amount of the product to blend on your face to give a complete coverage. Ideally, it should be used with a combination of Shany primer and moisturizer.

The product is designed and manufactured in USA under standard GMPs. It is also not tested on animals which makes it a cruelty free product.

Special focus powders are used in the making of the product. These special focus powders work to blur the imperfections to give your face a toned and equal complexion. It is designed under supervision of experts to give your skin the best experience.

It is clinically tested and proven to provide good results when applied on the skin. Order it now from Amazon.

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Liquid Minerals Foundation

This is an All natural Liquid foundation set by Shimarz. It is a multipurpose product and is specifically suited for combination/oily skin. It minimizes your pores and gives it a complete and finished natural look.

90% organic ingredients are used in the making of this product therefore it is not harsh on the skin. People with sensitive skin types can use this foundation as it is free of chemicals and other synthetic ingredients. It comes with SPF 15!

It also has an anti-aging effect on the skin. It will leave your skin brightening and glowing. The perfectly blendable creamy formula leaves the skin with a beautiful glow. The pump mechanism to use the product helps in quick application. Women of all ages can use this product.

It is also available in a variety of colors. However, this almond color can be used by people with Asian like skin tones. Almond shade can also be used as a concealer with other foundation shades. The product is manufactured in USA, each bottle of the product has 30 ml of the creamy foundation.

This foundation has a great moisturizing effect on the skin, an excellent product to complete your look!

Choosing the right foundation for your skin tone and texture sure involves a bit of effort but pays a long way. So, check out these top favorite foundation product on Amazon and order yours now.

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