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Consumers Favorite Top 3 Blood Glucose Monitors Available On Amazon

blood glucose monitors

Within the American population alone there are 29.1 million people who make up to 9.3% being patients of Diabetes. Regardless of the type of Diabetes an individual may be suffering from, one must take extreme precautions to minimize the complications being created due to the condition.

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Thus monitoring the Blood Glucose levels on a regular basis is of the essence, such can be done via the use of Blood Glucose Monitoring Devices. Creating and keeping an updated log of the recorded readings is essential to be able to measure the level of impact achieved with the lifestyle alterations being followed.

Blood Glucose Monitors create an image of the type of response the body is giving out under the Diabetes care plan making it easier for Medical Practitioners to treat their patients suffering from Diabetes. Below are 3 of the many Blood Glucose Monitoring devices offered for reasonable prices at

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OneTouch Ultramini Blood Glucose Monitoring System

The OneTouch Ultramini Blood Glucose Monitoring System is designed for the purpose of obtaining quantitative readings of the Glucose present in the body’s blood. Its manufacturers build it upon the foundation of simplicity. With the sole purpose of being fast, colorful and easily portable, the device provides within 5 seconds the accurate results to its respective user.

The size of OneTouch Ultramini Blood Glucose Monitoring system is small enough to fit in any purse or pocket easily, measuring to just 8.2 x 5.3 x 3 inches and weighing only 7.8 ounces. The Diabetes patient has the available options to test on either their palm or their forearm, with only a tiny spec of blood being the requirement for accurate results. In return, this decreases the amount of discomfort and pain being felt by the Patient.

The OneTouch Ultramini Blood Glucose Monitoring System has a memory limit of storing up to 500 tests and an easy-to-read along with operate, display screen for user convenience. The monitor, however, is advised to be used with test strips manufactured by OneTouch providing the user with results that are automatically generated after being tested twice by the strip.

Product packaging includes batteries for uninterrupted functioning, a carry case to protect the device from any external or internal damage, a detailed instructional user guide for the correct operation of the instrument and a lancing device along with ten sterile are included in the kit.

The directions for storage include the following:

  • The device must be stored under 86-degrees F
  • The device should not to kept in the refrigerator

Prodigy AutoCode Talking Blood Glucose Monitoring Meter Kit

The Prodigy AutoCode Talking Blood Glucose Monitoring Meter Kit is created to give those that suffer from low vision a break. With the help of a built-in voice meter, the recorded results are audibly announced out loud, within a specified time span of only six seconds after taking the sample.

To minimize the pain being felt by the user, several options are provided by the device ranging from the hand-finger, upper arm, thigh, forearm or even the calf for the purpose of blood sampling. The imprints on the buttons of Prodigy AutoCode Talking Blood Glucose Monitoring Kit provides users with ease while navigating and the raised button labeled ‘repeat’ replays the previous test recording for double-checking.

In addition to the already existing convenience for its user, the Prodigy AutoCode Talking Blood Glucose Monitor stores up to 450 test-memory records and provides a 90 day or fewer readings average. This ability of the device allows its user to keep a constant and an updated tab on the standard of progress being achieved by the Diabetes care plan being followed.

The Prodigy AutoCode Talking Blood Glucose Monitoring Kit also includes a USB port on the meter so that their web-based free software can be downloaded making the recordings more manageable and organized.

The contents of the kit include a Logbook to keep track of readings, the device warranty card in case of a defaulted or damaged device, a detailed manual for user guidance, Batteries for prolonged usage and a storage case for the purpose of carrying the device from one place to another.

The National Federation of the Blind presented an Access Plus Award to the Prodigy Voice meter, while the American Foundation for the Blind gave it an Access Award, making it the only Blood Glucose Monitoring device to have won two different awards.

TRUEbalance Glucose Meter Starter Kit

The promise of ‘True Confidence’ is provided by TRUEbalance Blood Glucose Meter through the output of accurate and reliable results. TRUEbalance Glucose testing strips are advised as being most suitable for usage with the TRUEbalance Glucose meter, generating results with the element of precision via integrated Quad-Electrode technology.

With the allowance of up to 365 memory storage for readings, the TRUEbalance Glucose meter requires no prior coding by the user and can generate results within 10 seconds of the sample. Any environmental factors that may affect the accuracy of the results are detected and eliminated to ensure high levels of reliability.

The device contains an easy-to-read large sized display for customer convenience and a pointed tip design to allow the tiniest of entry for obtaining the blood sample with the user feeling minimum pain or discomfort.

The packaging of TRUEbalance Glucose Meter Starter Kit includes installed 3-volt batteries for longer, undisrupted usage time along with an instructional manual for user guidance and sturdy in nature storage case to protect the device from damage while carrying it.

To be able to understand how different elements such as certain medications, activities or intake of specific foods may affect a person suffering from Diabetes, one must keep a continuous check on their Blood Glucose levels via monitoring devices at all times. The above mentioned easily portable Glucometers are ideal for those that suffer from the complications of Diabetes and are prone threats or risks of Hyperglycemia.


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