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Top 10 Best Blood Pressure Monitors Reviews

blood pressure monitors


Keeping track of your blood pressure is an important aspect in living a healthy life. It can be done at home or at health center. Getting your own blood pressure monitor gives you the convenience of checking blood pressure at any time. Checking your blood pressure helps in preventing high blood pressure by detecting it early enough before anything catastrophic happens.

The number of blood pressure monitors in the market is enormous, getting the best can be a really daunting task. I took the liberty of looking for the Top 10 Best Blood Pressure Monitors Reviews from, with the aim of choosing the best of the best. I first broke down the factors that are essential in a blood pressure monitor, I then went to the extras that came with the shortlisted blood pressure monitor.

The factors that you should consider when buying a blood pressure monitor include:

  • Ease of Use- blood pressure should be easily operated. This makes it possible to measure blood pressure away from experts especially in our residential places. It should be easy to assembly and set up to be able to deliver on its intended performance. The user should be able to read and interpret faster the measurements displayed.
  • Value- blood pressure monitor should affordable. It should not strain one’s income. Additionally, its price should correspond to the service it is intended to deliver. Choose the best quality at a fair price
  • Features- most people have different ages and sizes. As a result, circumference of their arms sizes varies considerately. Various blood pressure monitors cuffs are available depending on the person to be examined. Blood pressure monitor chosen must perform its intended purpose. If you are purchasing for the entire family, different cuff sizes should be included while for specific person, the size of the cuff should match its arm size.
  • Accuracy- precision is key for every measurement. Measurements taken should be as accurate as possible. Calibration should be done semi-annually to ensure accuracy of the machine is maintained throughout. This is because with time machines losses its sensitivity. Regular service should be done to the blood pressure machine to minimize faulty measurements.
    Having the above factors in mind, I was able to come up with this Top 10 Best Blood Pressure Monitors that I found to meet all the above requirements. These blood pressure monitors include:


This is most innovative blood pressure monitors. It is compatible with apple and android smart phones hence no need of attaching tubes and monitors. It features well fitting cuffs measuring between 9 to 19 inches in length that measures the blood pressure very accurately. It can be used in our homes confidently due to its ease usage. All measured data are transmitted wirelessly via the Bluetooth to your phone or apple using an application. This app is available in different languages.


  1. Convenient to use.
  2. Wireless communication.


  1. Expensive.

Omron 10 Series Wireless Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor with Wide-Range ComFit Cuff

This blood pressure monitor is approximately between 9-17 inches width. Its cuff f is very comfortable inflating steadily. The blood pressure monitor gives very accurate readings. It takes multiple readings at a time. These readings are displayed at an interval of one minute apart. It is very easy to use. The cuff can be assembled easily without any prior training. In addition, Omron 10 series has got sufficient memory that stores measured data and the date it was performed. Presence of in-built Bluetooth devices makes sharing of information with other relevant persons easily.

1. Manual is included to guide on how to use.
2. Fast and consistently accurate.
3. Its stops automatically after measurements.
4. Has got indicators-green for accurate readings.

1. It is a bit expensive.
2. Some experience to the user so as to use its additional features such as Bluetooth is required.

MeasuPro Pro Touch Digital Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor

This arm blood pressure monitor measures very accurately. It has got IHB indicators that identify illness such as arrhythmia at its premature stage. Large arm cuffs are included on purchase. It uses oscillometric principle to detect time intervals between lowest and the highest pulse. Greatest precision sensors make sure accurate measurements are taken. Accessible touch buttons and superior LCD screen makes reading clear.

1. Monitor is FDA approved
2. Exclusive clock feature.
3. Consistent and accurate measurements.

1. It is quite expensive.

GoWISE USA Digital Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor is very accurate and precise. It is multi-purpose as it can be used to measure other sensitive body parameters such as nature of the heartbeat. It has got indicators that alert in case of any risk that should be attended to immediately. This blood pressure monitor is designed based on modern technology having enormous large digital screen. This LCD screen is digitally controlled due to its sensitive touch display. 

1. FDA approved.
2. Precisely accurate.
3. Very sensitive.

1. Not suitable with persons with thin wrists.

This blood pressure monitor serves the intended purpose. It is of high quality giving consistent results. Its streamline design makes it portable and eases storage. The monitor has got button controls alongside with LCD that boosts accurate visibility. Flexible cuff can be adjusted to fit different patient’s arms. Casing is included for appropriate storage. 

1. FDA approved.
2. 4 AA batteries.
3. Easy to use.

1. Heart detector is not included on purchase.

Proper assembling of others components of this monitor such cuffs should be practiced for proper and accurate measurements. It is about 8 to 14 inches making it suitable for most people. Furthermore, although this product can be used by both genders, most women have found it most comfortable unlike men. Multiple cuffs are included. It features a powers source stored in batteries. 

1. Lightweight and compact by nature.
2. Sufficient storage memory.
3. Very easy to use.

1. AC adapter is not included.
2. Chain of rules to be followed before using it.

Blood pressure monitors are available in different types. This model from ChoiceMMed is flexible. It measures blood pressure displaying as systolic over diastolic. It also monitors heart rhythm detecting any irregular heartbeat. The monitor is very accurate. Its memory is capable recording the date the blood pressure was recorded. It is very simple to operate. This product features LCD display that is large enough for appropriate readouts. 

1. Comfortable cuff.
2. User’s manuals included.
3. 4 AA batteries.
4. Easy to read LCD display. 

1. No AC adapter.

This blood pressure monitor has been clinically approved. This has popularized it all over the world so that it is confidently used in the health centres. It measures blood pressure while inflating the cuff. The measurements are taken faster giving the most accurate results. It works under MWI technology principle which ensures maximum comfortability. It can be used for wide range of arm sizes. The products have got indicators that give information concerning the condition of the patients, green for normal, orange for acute hypertension and red for hypertension. 

1. Very sensitive.
2. Easy to use.
3. Has got enough memory for keeping data. 

1. AC adapter and wire are not available.
2. Inaccurate results for small wrist.

This product from Panasonic has got unique and compact design. It is small in size thus fits in our travel bags making it ideal to be used outdoor. It measures 8 to 16 inches which is ideal for most of the users including men with huge wrist. This monitor is supreme accurate. Even though the monitor is a little bit expensive, it delivers its work excellently. 

1. It automatically switches off when not in use.
2. Spacious display screen.
3. Very accurate.
4. Portable.

1. Under-cuffing.
2. Highly priced.

Omron 7 Series Blood pressure monitor model gives more accurate blood pressure measurements. This monitor meets all the standards as per the relevant body governing the supply of blood pressure monitors. It has got fitting cuff that is compatible to most of the is very to set up by following instructions on the display. Presence of multiple indicators of different colors alert the user in case of any immediate attention required. Also, this indicator helps in analyzing the condition of the patient. 

1. Sensitive.
2. Easy to wrap cuff.

1. Not useful to patient with thin arms.

I hope you will enjoy reading our list of best blood pressure monitors.

Beth Martel

Beth Martel

Beth Martel is a mother of two, a medical professional and a humanitarian. In her free time, she loves to read books and spend time with her family.

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