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3 High Selling Cheap Latex Gloves Available on Amazon

cheap latex gloves

Gloves are disposable hand coverings that are used for avoiding the risk of contamination and protecting hands. These protective hand coverings are used during a variety of tasks such as medical examinations, surgical purposes, domestic tasks (gardening, culinary purposes) and in the industries. 

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Gloves are made of different polymers that include latex, nitrile rubber, vinyl, and neoprene. Some gloves are powdered, and some are un-powdered. The powder on the gloves provides lubrication. Powdered gloves are relatively easier to put on hands.

The most common type of gloves is made of latex. Latex gloves have several advantages over other types of gloves. Latex disposable gloves are widely used in medical and industrial sectors. Some advantages of Latex gloves over others include:

  1.    Better chemical resistance
  2.    Improved puncture resistance
  3.    Better fit

Today we review three cheap Latex gloves available on Amazon:

Latex Exam Gloves

These Latex Exam Gloves by Diagnostic Direct are made for use in chemical, forensic, pathology and diagnostic laboratories. They are available in medium size and come in a pack of 100.

The Diagnostic Direct Gloves are for single use only, the users should dispose of the gloves after using. Powder-free nature of these gloves leaves no residue on hands. Hence, these gloves can also be used for domestic purposes e.g;  many people have used the Diagnostic Direct Gloves while cleaning, cooking (using grills and stoves), food preparation, etc.

The gloves are designed according to the ASTM and FDA exam glove standards. The gloves are ideal for protection against biological contaminants. The Diagnostic Direct Gloves have improved resistance against harmful blood borne pathogens such as HBV, HCV, HIV, etc.

The textured surface of the gloves provides an excellent grip. The users are not required to adjust the gloves again and again. The gloves are slightly elastic in nature. Elastic nature ensures that the glove is fitted perfectly on the hand. The latex material and the elastic nature combined give the user a pleasant experience.

The gloves are not flimsy or thin. They do not tear away during use so the users can wear them and expect a reliable performance. The gloves, though have a comfortable fit, still allow for enough dexterity. The tips of the Diagnostic Direct Gloves are designed for an easy pick. The materials do not slip away from the gloves while handling.

Recommended for multiple uses. The Diagnostic Direct Gloves are undoubtedly a great pick.

Disposable Latex Gloves

The Disposable Latex Gloves by Comfitwear come in a pack of 100. The packaging is blue and brown in color and has labels on it. The labels give detailed instructions about storage, usage, and disposal of the gloves. The package also identifies some basic properties of the gloves. These properties include:

  •    Excellent, comfortable fit
  •    Anti-tear properties
  •    Beaded cuff
  •    Disposable nature

Excellent, comfortable fit:  The users can enjoy a truly breathable experience wearing these gloves. The gloves have a good fit that ensures safety. If the gloves do not have a comfortable fit, then they may come off he hands repeatedly. Therefore, these gloves by Comfitwear are designed to have a better fit. The gloves though have a comfortable fit, allow for flexible hand movement.

Anti-tear properties: Comfitwear gloves have do not tear off during use. Better quality and improved manufacturing ensure the anti-tear nature

Beaded cuff: The beaded/ rolled cuff design of the gloves provide drip protection for the forearm area. This feature also enables better strength while donning.

Disposable nature: The gloves are for a single use only. They must be discarded after being used. Disposable nature lowers the risk of contamination.

The gloves are also durable and enough to last half a year. Extremely economical on the pocket and a preferable pick of the professionals.

GREAT GLOVE 10000-XS-BX Latex Glove

The latex Industrial gloves are available in a variety of sizes from extra small to large size. Therefore all men and women having the need to protect their hands can buy these gloves.

The gloves come in a pack of 100. The packaging is made of hard cardboard material which ensures that the gloves are safely packed inside.

These gloves by Great Glove are ambidextrous which means that each glove can fit both the right and the left hand as required.

The gloves are particularly designed for the food industry. They are made of high-quality latex and have a natural, creamy color. The cuff is beaded which maintains improved support for the forearm. The exterior of the gloves is smooth so that the users can safely touch the materials.

The gloves are light weight, slightly powdered and coated with a polymer. The powder nature of the gloves allows the user to wear and take off the gloves easily.

These gloves by Great Glove have an extended shelf life of five years. This means that the large hospital settings can stock these gloves for long periods of time.

The gloves are an affordable option for general purpose applications and have an outstanding durability. The gloves are also tear resistant and defend the user against common workplace hazards. They provide protection against detergents, chemicals, and harmful solvents.

Easy wearing and ideal for non-medical applications. Smooth finish and USP grading provide great comfort. Moderate thickness to give a breathable experience!

Latex gloves give an advantage of comfort and dexterity when compared to other glove materials such as nitrile. Latex gloves are also biodegradable in nature. Hence, they are an ideal choice for industrial, domestic and medical purposes. Make the right glove choice to protect your hands from workplace hazards.

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