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3 of the Best Selling CPR Masks Available On Amazon

A CPR mask is made of molded plastic material and is used to transfer breaths to the patient usually at emergency situations. A CPR mask is an essential carriage for rescue workers and first aid respondents. It serves as a barrier between the respondent and the patient and ensures quality respiration.

Like all other products, CPR masks also come in different designs, sizes. Yet most of them are quite handy and can be easily carried in pocket.

Some CPR masks have a one way valve and some have fine disposable filters for better protection of the responded (from patients infectious fluids such as vomit or blood).

Nowadays, CPR masks also have internal oxygen tubing which allows for administration of bout 50-60% oxygen.  With so many varieties of CPR masks available, rescue workers surely want to pick up the best for them.

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So we have reviewed for you some best-selling CPR masks available on Amazon.

MCR Medical CPR Rescue Mask

This CPR Rescue Mask by MCR Medical comes in a red bag and is one of the most liked masks on Amazon. It has a standard size and can be used by both adults and children. The bag of the mask is actually kind of a hard case. The hard casing is meant to protect the mask during shipping and usage. It also keeps the mask completely sterile. The casing has a hand strap attached to it, the strap makes the bag extremely easy to carry from one place to another.

The package includes the basic CPR mask and a valve. There is also a pair of gloves and alcohol wipes included in the package. The gloves and wipes are required by the respondents during the usage of the CPR mask. The gloves are worn by the respondent and the wipes are used to wipe or clean the patient’s fluid or topical area. These wipes are antiseptic in nature. The package is completed by an instructions card.

The MCR Medical Mask makes the process of rescue easy for both the respondents and the patients. It is manufactured from latex free material. Latex free nature of the material allows it to be used by every respondent without any worry. Since, during the emergency situation it is not possible for the respondent to ask the patient if he is allergic to latex therefore it is ideal to use a latex free at the first place.

This mask does not shut the patient’s nose so each breath has two avenues of entry. The oxygen supply is supplemented by means of an inlet. The patient almost gets 50% oxygen supply by means of this inlet.

Other features of the mask include a one way filter valve and a head strap made of elastic. The elastic head strap ensures hands free operation while dealing the patient. These mask can be carried conveniently at home or during travel. This product has great quality and excellent customer reviews by the customers. Worth the value.

ResQue1st CPR Mask Key Chain Kit

This CPR Mask Key Chain Kit by 1st Aid and Safety is perfect to be used at workplaces. This mask is only advised to be used by people who are trained in CPR. The item weight is only a few ounces so it can be easily shipped or carried.

This Mask is disposable and should be only used one time. It has clear usage instructions written on it so people do not have to face any difficulty at emergencies. This Kit by 1st Aid Safety is actually a multi pack of CPR key chain kits. Therefore, you can easily share them with your friends, family or co-workers as and when required. 3.

This CPR key chain kit has 5 packed CPR Masks of consistent quality. Each mask is 2 inches in length and width each. The face shields have a single valve and filters. This feature prevents the risk of cross contamination. This mask is transparent in color. The transparency of the mask makes it easy for the respondent to take note of patient’s response. The size is standardized and fits all adults and children.

This mask essentially serves as a line of defense for the users. Great to be put in car, bag or pocket. Easy carriage and perfect size.

Infant CPR Mask by MCR Medical

This CPR mask by MCR medical supply has two masks ideally meant for children and adults. These combo masks are neatly packed in a red colored plastic bag. The plastic bag is beautifully made and looks very smart to carry on the shoulders. The bag is zipped and a single handle for carriage.

The package consists of two valves, a pair of nitrile gloves and alcohol wipes. This kit is perfect to meet the demands of professional rescue workers. The kit is latex free and and is a all in one solution. The adult mask is transparent in color and has a one way filter valve. The adult mask also has a bladder which seals the mask.

The child mask on the other hand is made to fit the child face more appropriately. It is made of the same high quality material as the adult mask but has a separate valve. The infant mask is also non collapsible. The mask works wonderfully and is a great addition for the first aid kit. The price is also quite reasonable so most people are likely to prefer it.  

Whether you are a first aid worker, a fire fighter or just a student about to start your EMT, these masks are a must check for you. CPR masks are essential to ensure safety of both the patient and the doer. These masks on Amazon will ensure efficient working during emergency and help you save your time and energy.

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