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3 Best Dry Shampoos of All Time Available On Amazon

dry shampoos

Dry shampoos are a life saviour. I remember the first time I discovered one, I was in college and was standing in front of the mirror looking at my greasy hair thinking about a way to get rid of them. That was the time when my roommate handed me her dry shampoo bottle. And that stuff just made my day better!

It was cold and I didn’t feel like washing my hair, I was running late, and the dry shampoo lets me get through the day without any trouble. That was the day my friendship with dry shampoos began. And since then, I’ve been stocking up on dry shampoos.

I’ve bought dry shampoos from different brands, Walmart and even online. Some of the best dry shampoos that you can find online are these:

Batiste Dry Shampoo Original clean & Classic 6.73 fl. Oz

This product has thousands and thousands of customers’ reviews, and it comes in a pack of two. The bottles weigh as much as 6.73 Oz, and just a few quick sprays could leave your hair feeling clean and shiny. It makes the texture of your hair fuller and thicker. It has a starch-based technology, and therefore it doesn’t require water to clean dirt and grease and cleans the hair from the root.

Doesn’t matter how dull or rough your hair might look; this product will give your hair an instant lift. This product is manufactured in the UK. This product has an amazingly refreshing fragrance, and it doesn’t leave residue in the hair.

The customers have rated it a whopping four stars. It is recommended that you use this dry shampoo in your hair in between the washes, you can put this on your hair on the night of day two and brush it out the next morning to have clean and fresh hair. You will notice that this product is both sulfate-free and paraben-free and these ingredients are not enlisted.

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Living Proof Perfect Hair Day Dry Shampoo, 4 Ounce

This is a somewhat pricey pick, but well worth the money. This shampoo tends to absorb all the sweat, oil and odor from the hair. It gives your hair a lovely, clean scent that keeps them fresh all day long. The bottle is roughly of 5.6 ounces however it holds the product of about 4 ounces in weight.

Currently, only customers from the US can order this since it is shipped just in the US. The product is not cruelty-free apparently because there is no such mention by the manufacturer; therefore it cannot be assured.

The product does not leave any residue behind if you use it only between the washes, it might, however, leave residue if you start using it too often. The container for this product is aerosol. A can of this product can last you for a long time depending on how much you use. I estimate that using it thrice a week would make it last at least a couple of months. It is aluminium-free, and the product can also be used on your hair.

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Not Your Mother’s Plump for Joy Thickening Dry Shampoo, 7 Ounce

This product is so cheap you will be shocked when you get to know that seven ounces of this product is worth fourteen dollars only! Oh, and it is also cruelty-free, so yay to all the animal lovers! It doesn’t matter if you just left the gym and did not have any time to style your hair, or if you’re running late for work and can’t wash.

This shampoo will take all the excess dirt and grease away from your hair leaving them feeling fresh and clean! The product has a very light fragrance, and it doesn’t last for long. It gives the flat hair a perfect volume!

If you’re a blonde, this product has got your covered to keep your roots looking just fine. You don’t have to use much of it. The dry shampoo can save you from washing the hair for days if that’s the way you like it. There are many verified customers on Amazon who are going crazy over this product!

Garnier Fructis Volume Extend Instant Bodifier Dry Shampoo for Fine or Flat Hair, 3.4 Ounce

This dry shampoo is invisible; it almost immediately dries up your hair and gives them an excellent texture! The effects of this amazing shampoo will last for about twenty-four hours and the key ingredients are orange citrus and grape extracts.

If your locks look lifeless and dull, this will serve as your saviour and make your hair happier, shinier and thicker. You can keep it in your bag as well, just spray it on and brush through your hair. You’ll be surprised by how quickly it absorbs all the oil and leaves your hair looking fresh and just beautiful!

This product’s smell is very subtle, and you can’t detect it after some time. However, it does have a very powdery texture when sprayed. The product is not tested on animals, so it is cruelty-free; it is also written on the bottle of this product.

Perk Up Dry Shampoo

This is another somewhat expensive dry shampoo option that you have come across, but the results are satisfying. The product comes in a seven ounces bottle, but the item is shipped only across the US.

This product is made by Amika, but you should know Eva NYC and Amika are the same, and the only difference is that Amika makes the products salon exclusive and therefore the products sold by them tend to be a bit more expensive than the Eva NYC version. The best part is that both of these brand names are cruelty-free so you can find yourself a cheaper version and you’ll get the same product quality if you can manage the hassle. Many of the verified customers claim that this is the best dry shampoo that one can find on the market, so the clientele of this brand is satisfied.

These were some of the best dry shampoos that I’d recommend for people who don’t prefer washing their hair every day or go no-poo because most of these shampoos have no harmful chemicals in them.


Beth Martel

Beth Martel

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