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2 Best Selling Ear Bandages Available On Amazon

ear bandages

An ear is important yet a sensitive organ. The primary function of the ear is to send sound signals to the brain. The brain translates these signals into an understandable message. Three different parts of the ear take part in this activity; the external (outer) ear, the middle ear and the internal (inner) ear.

Sensitivity to everyday sounds makes the ears susceptible to damages and injuries. Constant exposure to loud noises can cause acoustic trauma. Children frequently experience ear pain as a result of inflammation, infection or fluid buildup. Other ear problems have an equal chance of occurrence in people of all ages. A sudden fall (such as in an accident) can lead to damage to the eardrum or the tiny bones of the inner ear.

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Ear bandages play an important role when a person undergoes an ear surgery. Due to the structure of the ear, ear injuries are relatively more challenging to operate. Therefore, bandages for the ear are specially designed. Typically, an ear bandage consists of an ear bandage that covers the ear and a long band that holds the pad in its place.

Ear bandages perform multiple functions; they protect the ear and the skin surrounding it from dirt, dust, and other contaminants. Some ear bandages available on Amazon are:

First Aid Ear Bandage

The Ear Wick by First Aid Bandage Co is off white in color. 25 individual bandages are present in the box that has the same design and quality. The bandage is rolled into a neat cylindrical shape. The cylindrical wrap of the bandage allows it to be used easily when needed.

This bandage is also present in first aid kits which means it is a choice of medical professionals. The material of the bandage is latex free. People with sensitive allergies can also use the bandage with worry. The doctors prefer these kinds of bandages because it is suitable for all the major demographics. The ultra-high quality of the bandage implies that both children and adults can use the bandage.

Besides being used by the medical professionals, this bandage can also be kept at home. It is specially kept by young mothers as the children have a greater risk of contracting infections. The size of the bandage is 9 into 15 mm; this large size means that the bandage can easily cover all wounds and infections.

When applied to the ear, the bandage provides considerable support. It does rip off on the movement of the head or body. The patient or the doctor do not have to readjust the bandage again and again.

In case of a minor wound on the outer (external) ear, this Ear Wick by First Aid Bandage can be used as described below:

  • Determine the exact location of the ear wound
  • Determine the nature and severity of the ear wound
  • Take out the Ear Wick from the packaging
  • Clean the wound to wipe out excess blood
  • Cut the Ear Wick into required size and apply it on the affected area
  • Change the bandage on a regular basis especially if the bleeding does not stop
  • Advise the patient not to scratch the area
  • Keep the wick sterilized to prevent further damage to the affected area.

Medline Elastic Net – Ear Bandage

The Elastic Net bandage by Medline is an essential for nurses who deal with a number of medical departments. The bandage is available in a red and white packaging. It can be used on ears as well as the head, face, and neck.

The package has a small side opening from which the bandage can be pulled out. This unique packaging design lowers the risk of contamination and also improves the shelf life of the bandage.

The bandage is made of latex-free elastic material. The elasticity of the bandage allows it to be cut easily to cover and protect wounds of different sizes. The net material of the bandage provides further support which ensures that the bandage stays in place.

The bandage is made of high-quality material and is ready for application. The medical staff and nurses who use this bandage have reported it be extremely convenient. The medical professionals prefer it. Parents and office workers are also advised to keep a pack of these bandages in their homes and offices.

The bandage can be used on sensitive patient skin. The bandage does not cause irritation, itching, allergies, rashes or infections on the skin. It slightly compresses the damaged area.

The Medline Elastic Net is easy to handle and applied within seconds. It comes in a single that is adequate for most injuries. The users do not have to read extensive size guides before purchasing the product.

Care must be taken while using the bandage to protect the vital ear parts. Several precautions should be followed before using the Medline Elastic Net. These precautions include:

  • Wash the hands before touching the open ear wound
  • Wash the wounded area with saline water. Saline water kills bacteria and common germs present at the wound.
  • Apply an antibiotic on the affected area. Iodine should not be used as it may lead to scarring.
  • Cover the area with Medline Elastic Net and
  • Change the bandage on a regular basis especially after contact with water

An ear is a delicate organ of the body. Bandaging an ear wound is comparatively difficult. However, wound healing requires that the affected area is properly bandaged and taken care of. A bandage can prevent infection, absorb bleeding, and protects from further contamination. To prevent misshaping, the users are advised to read the labels and instructions before ordering and using a bandage.

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