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3 of the Best Fabric Bandages Available On Amazon

fabric bandages

Bandages are of many kinds, shapes and varieties. Mostly, they are used for cuts and injuries that are not serious enough to be plastered or those which do not require large sized bandages. The general function of the bandage is to protect the injured area from dirt, bacteria, germs and friction. If the affected area is left open or un-bandaged then there is a high risk of contamination and further infection.

One of the common types of bandages is a fabric bandage. Fabric bandages are among the basic components of a first aid kit or EMT tool box. Fabric bandages are more comfortable and flexible as compared to other bandages. These bandages provide a stretched fit over the wounded part.

Mostly, these bandages are used for areas that are hard fitting. A fabric bandage is non-constricting and allows easy motion. Therefore, they are preferred by most people. Here, we review top three best Fabric bandages available on Amazon:

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Curad Flex Fabric Bandages

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Curad bandages come in a box of 100 and are one of the most preferred bandages available on Amazon. These bandages come in a green and white packaging. The package is properly sealed. Sealed packaging keeps the bandages inside intact and sterile. The box also contains some usage instructions and general information about the bandage.

The bandage size is 38 and 76 mm. This size is carefully chosen for the bandages so that the Curad Flex Fabric bandage is able to work most of the common injuries and cuts acquired.

The material of the bandage does not constrict the injured area. The Curad Flex bandages literally let your skin breath and feel alive. A very important thing to note is that these bandages are latex free. Many people are allergic to latex material which does not let them feel comfortable and can even cause irritation on the skin. Curad Flex Fabric bandages are the perfect choice for such people.

These bandages both have an adhesive and non-adhesive surface. The user can use them according to choice. The bandages are manufactured using high quality fabric. The fabric is woven which gives it a stretchy nature. The stretchy nature of the material allows it to be easily fitted according to the wound size. As compared to other plastic bandages, the fabric of Curad Flex Fabric bandages is not affected by exposure to water. This feature makes the bandages extremely reliable and long-lasting. The person does not require to frequently change the bandages.
The Curad Flex Fabric bandages can also be used on split or injured fingers. Especially in winters when the skin becomes rough and dry, these Curad bandages can help protect the skin from further damage. These bandages are also a great choice for the back of heels. 

Low on price and great quality. A must buy for technical workers and EMT, rescue workers. 

Medi-Pak Adhesive Strip, Performance Fabric

The McKesson 16-4816 Medi-Pak Adhesive Strip comes in a pack of 50 bandages. The package is blue and white in color and neatly assembled. The quality of the bandages is consistent, each bandage inside the pack is 2 into 3 inches in size.

The Mckesson bandages are made of durable fabric that is both flexible and comfortable. The bandage very easily fits on the wounded area and does not require any special preparations to put on. The bandage pad is absorbent in nature. Absorbent nature of the bandage allows it to be used for extended periods of time. The user can wear the Mckesson bandages on adventure or excursion trips without the worry of having to readjust or change.

These bandages are not made from natural latex rubber. Many people are allergic to natural latex and therefore cannot use bandages made out of it. In this regard, Mckesson bandages are hypoallergenic and can be used for all skin types whether sensitive or insensitive.

The fabric of the Mckesson bandages is also stretchable for added comfort. These Mckesson Medi-Pak Adhesive Strip can be used against cuts and scrapes. The nature of the pad is non-sticky so that the bandages can be easily taken off when the injury is cured. Non-sticky nature of the bandages causes minimal irritation on the skin during and after use.

The adhesive nature of the Mckesson bandages is really remarkable. These bandages are adhesive enough to stay for a long period of time and flexible enough to be taken off the skin without irritation. Excellent quality, a must add to your regular first aid or EMT tool kit.

Dynarex Adhesive Fabric Bandage

The Dynarex Adhesive Fabric bandages are beautifully packed into a blue and white box. Each box contains 100 sterile fabric bandages. The nature of the pad is non-sticky which does not cause any harm to the injured area when worn.

These bandages are also latex free so both the allergic and non-allergic people are likely to purchase it. There is no chance of allergic rashes when using the Dynarex Adhesive Fabric Bandages. The 100 count box is also very economical on the pocket. Many hospitals, clinics and first aid workers stuff their boxes with these bandages because of their high quality and ease of use.

The bandage is highly absorbent and helps to comfort and cushion the affected area. The cushioning effect of the Dynarex Adhesive bandages helps in quick healing. The users are reported to get a very effective healing through these bandages.

The size of these bandages is accurate for many common injuries and cuts. The normal 1 inches into 3 inches size gives a good coverage. Even still, the bandage comes in a larger size as well. The variety in sizes gives choice to the customers. Great price and a really good deal.

If the wounds are left open then they may become contaminated from dust and bacteria. It is very important to take care of the affected/injured area and properly protect it. These fabric bandages are a must have in your office and home. Do check them out on Amazon.

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