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3 Best Face Towels You Can Find On Amazon

face towels

face towels

Towels are not exactly a luxury, not until you have one made of super expensive and delicate stuff or a medicated towel designed especially for sensitive skin. Nowadays you can find towels made of different fabrics and materials that are used for various purposes. There are bath towels, hand towels and then there are face towels.

Face towels are typically tiny, almost the size of a hand towel and they are square shaped. A somewhat less used method of using a face towel is lathering the soap on the towel and then washing the face with a towel, but face towels are used to dry up the face. You can see them hanging right next to sinks in hotel bathrooms.

As I’ve mentioned before, face soaps are manufactured from a variety of methods, and therefore their material alters as well.

You should be able to find a nice variety in your local market as well but if you cannot there are a lot of sellers online, especially on Amazon. I’ve made this a little bit easier for you; I’m going to review three of the best, reasonable face towels you can find over the internet and have delivered to your doorstep. Read on to find out the face towels that I loved!

Amazon Basics Cotton Wash Cloths

A good towel needs to have two original qualities, strength and softness. The fabrics need to be strong and stable enough to last several washes, and it needs to be soft enough not to ruin your skin when you rub your face clean. These towels come in a pack of twenty-four and are made of premium quality 100% pure cotton.

These can be used for many purposes other than cleaning face, but they’re mainly suitable for washing the face clean. They’re known to be made of a material that helps dry the skin real fast, and they’re super absorbent. The reason they’re super absorbent is that they’re made of extra-absorbent looped terry design. To prevent from unraveling the edges are reinforced, and they’re safe for a spin in your washing machine and the clothes dryer.

The size of these incredible towels is 12 x 12 inches. The whole packaging weighs as much as 500 grams, and they’re found in seven colours. You can use them for your bath, gym or even for the babies. These small towels are perfect for babies’ bedtime bath. These can also be utilized in your kitchen, and you can keep them safe in the kitchen drawers. This means that along with being face towels the serve the purpose of backup for any cleaning.

These towels are made in India, and although the care tag says that you shouldn’t bleach them, these products can handle a couple of bleaching as well. My experience with these towels was great.

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Bamboo Washcloth Face Towels

Before I even begin about these fantastic towels, I want to ask, have you guys ever tried a product that has bamboo infused or incorporated in them somehow? And if you have, haven’t you found the results to be utterly incredible? Exactly! That’s what we’re talking here. These towels are perfect for sensitive skin and use on a baby’s skin because they’re soft to touch and do not give any rash at all. They are blue, come in beautiful packaging of six towels.

The best part is that these towels are entirely organic. They’re reliable and durable (of course, they’re made of bamboo!), and they’re completely washable.

You can even use them to take your makeup off because they work very softly and subtly on the skin. If your skin is already irritated, they will not cause any further inflammation. They come tilled into packs of two, wrapped up in beautiful ribbons. The wrapping suggests that they are perfect for gifting someone and also making for perfect Baby Shower gifts. It is preferable to air dry these towels.

The size of these towels is about 10 x 10 inches. Certified users state that even after several washes, these towels have remained extremely soft. The origin of these towels is unknown. However, the product quality is just amazing. You might get confused about the ingredients when you select the colour options white as the description doesn’t say ‘organic’ after that, but do not worry. This product is entirely organic in all cases and is worth your money!

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Egyptian Face Towels

These specific towels are designed to cater to the needs of entire family. They come in a pack of twenty-four towelettes. The size is generous for a face towel, which is about 12 x 12 inches.

Since the package has roughly twenty-four towels in place of twelve which is pretty economical for the price, you can divide them for use in various categories such as for the kitchen, for bathing the baby and so on. The hem stitching of these towels is reinforced to prevent the edges from unravelling.

They’re made from ring spun cotton that is 100% pure. They’re highly absorbent, and you can place them for hospitality cleaning. Keep a few of them for dish cleaning in the kitchen, some of them in the children’s nursery, etc. The uses are countless. They’re manufactured in loop terry design which makes them perfect for absorbing large amounts of moisture. Oh, and these towels come with 100% money-back guarantee! It doesn’t get better than that.

These towels are entirely lint-free and do not shed at all unless you wash them with other towels. Many verified purchaser have claimed that this towel is super soft and has served many purposes besides cleaning their faces. I loved the experience as I stacked some in my car and my handbag, they help maintain cleaning anywhere.  

So these were just a few towels that you can buy to keep your face clean and safe from any rash! The skin of the face is susceptible, so you better buy the best products for it.

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