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3 Best Selling First Aid Tapes Available On Amazon

first aid tapes

A first aid tape is also called a Surgical Tape or Medical Tape. It is one of the common components of a First Aid Box. Just like any other tape, the first aid tape is also rolled onto a cylindrical shaped cardboard.

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First aid tape is a pressure sensitive tape that is adhesive in nature. The tape keeps the dressings in place helping in the quick recovery of the injury. There are different kinds of first aid tapes available in the market, and each has a specific composition, size, and use. Let us review the best three First Aid tapes available on Amazon:

3M Transpore Clear First Aid Tape

The Transpore Clear First Aid Tape by 3M is off-white in color. It comes in new packaging neatly rolled on a cylinder. The product has unique features which distinguish it from other first aid tapes.  This tape by 3M is one inch wide, and this size is enough to cover most of the injuries.

When using for the first time, the sticking of the tape comes off easily. Therefore the medical staff or the person using it doesn’t have to put an effort to use it. The 3M Transpose First Aid Tape also has good adhesive property; it can be put on nicely on skin, dressings, and tubing of any kind.

One of the best features of the 3M Transpore Tape is that is water-resistant. The patient does not have to remove or change the tape while taking a bath or hand washing. This feature not only makes it desirable but also economical and user-friendly.

The tape can be easily cut with the help of a Raptor scissor. The user (usually a clinician) can cut it to fit dressings or injuries of various sizes. The 3M Transpore Tape also reduces the risk of allergies and other infections as the material of the tape is hypoallergenic. People with common latex allergies can safely use the tape.

As a measure of safety, the clinicians have to wear gloves while working with the dressings. The 3M Transpose First Aid tape is designed keeping this fact in mind; it does not stick to the gloves.  

The transparent color of the 3M transpore tape makes it a better choice. It is not much apparent when used on the skin. The perforations on the tape make the tape breathable and easy to put on for long periods of time.

Holds easily and does not irritate the skin. Recommended for professional use.

3M Micropore Paper Tape

The Micropore Paper Tape by 3M comes in a white and blue colored box. Each box contains 12 tapes of 1-inch width and 10 yards length. This tape is appropriate for use in medical settings which have a high patient load. A single box is enough for use for a reasonable period.

The Tape is free from latex and suitable to be used on sensitive patient skins. This Micropore tape by 3M can also stick on moisturized skin surface which means no special preparations are required to use it. The placement of the tape is secured, it does not lose sticking during the period of use. It is also very gentle to the skin ensuring highest levels of patient comfort.

Breathable material of the tape maintains skin integrity and makes sure that the blood flow does not stop at the affected area

It can be purchased for professional use by clinicians and medical staff. Whereas it is also ideal for domestic use, people can purchase it to upgrade their personal first aid box at home or workplace.

Great price and quality, minimally invasive on the skin. The tape does not stick to clothing, gloves, plastic material. The Micropore Paper Tape also does not cause patient discomfort to get off. Consistent features of the product force you to buy it again and again.

3m Coban Self-Adherent Wrap

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The Coban Self-Adherent Wrap by 3M is slightly brown in color. This tape is 1 inch in width and five yards in length. High in quality and available in a box of 5.

This Wrap by 3M sticks firmly to the area on the skin; the clinician or the patient do not have to readjust the wrap again and again. The wrap is extremely light-weight. It does not feel like an extra piece of fabric on the infection or injury.

There are different nature of injuries which need particular treatment. The 3M Coban tape can be used both to apply hard and soft compression. The compression of the wrap can be adjusted according to desire and requirement of the affected area.

This product is made of latex. Therefore, people with latex allergies are recommended to read the warnings and labels on the box before purchase or placing an order. The porous material of this tape makes it comfortable and convenient for the patient.

The tape is easy to use so the patient can himself put it on the injury and have relief. Can be used for partial immobilization and support and light compression.

Unbelievably long hold without a change in its adhesive nature. Customers have also purchased it for osteoarthritis and basic fractures. Excellent quality.

Different varieties of tapes are available in the market which makes it difficult for the user to select the right one for himself. Knowing the exact features and properties is important to make the best choice. Consider updating your first aid supplies with one of these best selling first aid tapes.

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