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3 of the Best First Responder Kits for EMT Available On Amazon

first responder kit for emt

EMT stands for Emergency Medical Technician. It is a universally accepted term used for health care providers and of the Emergency Medical Services (EMS). EMTs usually work in the ambulances and are trained to respond quickly to medical situations, accidents and traumas. Most commonly, EMTs are found in hospitals, clinics but are also found in other departments such as fire departments, police and other armed forces.

To work efficiently and respond to their duties with responsibility, the EMT workers keep a first responder kit with themselves. As a gun is to a soldier, a first responder kit is to an EMT.

A first responder kit is a collection of supplies that are required in emergency/accident situations. The contents inside the kit varies but all have some basic common contents. The kits have the standard first aid logo on them.

Here, we review three best-selling first responder kits for EMT available on Amazon:

First Responder Trauma Medical Kit Complete

The First Responder Trauma Bag by MFASCO is among the most highly demanded products by EMTs. The bag has a red colored front and medium size which fits all the required tools.

The contents of the bag are carefully selected and are updated time to time as new needs arise. The latest contents of the bag include blood pressure cuff and stethoscope among other tools. This kit by MFASCO contains literally contains all the essential instruments that are needed to respond to minor injuries and traumas. EMTs carrying this bag will surely be ahead of their co-workers going for other kit options!

The bag is portable and easy to carry. This First Responder Trauma Medical Bag has reflective stripes to ensure safety and visibility. The EMTs can easily approach the equipment inside the bag and respond quickly to the emergency. No flimsy zippers or stickers! The top of the bag is flapped and has locked buckles. The material of the bag is sensibly chosen; the bag is made of nylon. Nylon bag is rough and tough in nature and does not wear away easily. Therefore, the bag is durable and lasts long.

The interior of the bag is spacious. It has separated compartments and twelve elastic holders. There are two side pockets with a zip and two front pockets. The bag also has a handle that is both adjustable and removable. This design provides flexibility to the EMT. The bag does not have any harsh corners, it is soft sided and comfortable in handling. The bag fits in a small space in car or desk.

Some of the contents of the bag include: scalpel, pads, eye wash, emergency blankets, instant glucose, burn gel, bandage, gloves, wipes, sanitizer, antibiotic ointments, inhalants, etc.

An ideal carry for EMTs. This MFASCO bag has amazing reviews on Amazon.  A must check.

ResQue1st First Aid Kit · Emergency Preparedness Kit

The ResQue 1st Aid Kit is perfect for both EMTs and general purpose use. The contents of the bag are enough for upto 25 people. It contains the right items to save lives at home, office, camping and other outdoor activities.

The special feature of this kit is the advanced patented easy access pocket system. Using this kit, the EMTs can find the right items during duress. The feature also keeps the things organized even after repeated use. In case of any emergency situation, the user (EMT) just has to open the kit and unfold the pocket to get the required tool.

The kit is white and red in color. It comes in new packaging and has easy to understand usage instructions for. The contents of the kit can specifically help fight small to medium sized cuts as well as severe bleeding and burns. All the items present in the kit are high quality first aid items which ensure both safety and health of the user and the patient.

The EMTs can carry this first aid kit with them in all seasons and environment. The tools inside the kit or the kit itself do not distort under sun or increased temperature.

The kit is durable and complete. The items are intelligently arranged in categories e.g. minor injury, major injury, instruments and medicines. Some of the contents of the bag include tweezers, scissors, first aid tape roll, bandage, burn cream, wound closure, cold compress etc.

A highly recommended and professional choice. Loaded with 5 starred reviews on Amazon.

Ever Ready First Responder Kit

The Ever Ready First Aid kit is a fully stocked kit and choice of many EMTs. The kit comes in an orange colored bag, the bottom of the bag has a rubber panel. The rubber panel makes the bag durable and long lasting. The bag further has Velcro handle closures. To increase visibility of the contents, three rows of elastic loops are sewn into the lid. The bag also has a removable padded liner that has adjustable dividers. These dividers can be used to custom fit the bag.

The bag has 10 padded compartments. There are two medium sized exterior pockets with removable Velcro pouches. The bottom of the bag is waterproof. Therefore, the EMTs can carry the bag even on rainy days or to moist areas.

The material of the bag is super thick and durable. The bag is portable yet big enough to carry all the essentials. None of the first responder bags is as complete as this one. Contents of the bag include: stethoscope, face sheet, gloves, scissors, bandages, burn dressings, gel tube, eye pads, cloth tape, forceps, rescue blanket, etc.

The price and contents of this kit are surely hard to beat. This first responder kit by Ever Ready First Aid will never let you down.

With the passage of time, first aid and lifesaving measures have advanced. The right contents are necessary to save lives. These first aid kits help to save lives and enable the EMTs to perform their duties.

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