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3 Best-Selling Fitness Tracker Bands for Kids Available On Amazon

fitness tracker bands for kids

As the health issues in both the developed and developing world are rising, people are becoming more conscious and aware about their bodily health and physical fitness. From a very early age, children are taught the importance of being physically healthy.

The technological world completely realizing the emerging social trends came up with smart solutions allowing people to easily track their fitness and maintain records.

One of such solutions is mobile apps offering fitness programs which allow the users to record their daily sets (pedometer), measure their heart rate, blood pressure, calorie count and numerous other related parameters.

These trackers have become even handier for kids. They come as bracelets and smart wrist bands that can be worn everywhere, every time and record each step you take and each calorie you burn.

These bands are especially important for kids as most of the times, they are not allowed to carry phones by their parents or their schools.

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Fitness tracker bands, therefore, are the most preferable and portable devices for kids. In this article, we have reviewed three best-selling fitness tracker bands for kids available on Amazon. Read on to learn more about them:

Garmin vívofit Fitness Band – Purple

Garmin Vivofit fitness band is one of the most sophisticated fitness solutions that you can find anywhere. It has multiple features that together keep you motivated throughout the day and help you follow your fitness routine both in the short and the long run.

Along with its specifications, it is very stylish and comfortable to wear. You can wear it 24/7 and not face any problem. The band is also water resistant so you can literally take it anywhere. You do not have to worry about charging it again and again as the battery life is sufficiently long. It stays on throughout the day and is always ready to go.

Let us look in detail the features offered by this band:

  • Move bar: The move bar keeps you moving throughout the day. It consists of a red bar that appears on the top of the screen after you have been inactive for an hour. Additional bars also pop up after 15 minutes of inactivity. You just need to walk a couple of steps to reset it.
  • Pedometer: Gives you the total step count of the day. Unlike other monitors, this one will not miss out your steps or over count them.
  • Time: Along with all the fitness features present in this band, it is also your wrist watch. It displays your fitness stats and time on the screen.
  • Smart goals: The highly advanced algorithms of the band intelligently detect your fitness levels and gives you smart goals at the beginning of each day. These goals are personalized according to your fitness habits.
  • Count calories: Count your calories burned and basic metabolic rate with this band.
  • Sleep monitor: This band tracks the quality of your sleep. To use the sleep monitor, you just need to set the monitor to the sleep mode.
  • Water-resistance: Use this band in shower or in rain without any worry.

If you want your kids to get motivated for their fitness then this is the most appropriate gift you can present this Christmas to them. Having this band on their wrist will get them excited and they will take charge of their own health. Get this band from Amazon now!

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Fitness Tracker Pedometer

The I5 Plus fitness band is another great fitness band model. It is one of the most selling design in the fitness bands category throughout the world.

Both kids and children use it for maintaining and recording their fitness activities. In addition to measuring your fitness levels, this band can also be connected to your smart phone. By connecting to your smart phone, you will be able to receive call and SMS notifications.

However, the fitness features can be enjoyed offline as well. The app designed for this bracelet is called “Zeroner” which is easily available on both Google Play and Apple store.

The precise fitness features offered by the I5 plus fitness band include:

  • Step count: Count your daily steps with this band. The Zeroner app measures your steps and also maintains records of your weekly steps. By looking at these graphs, you will be able to better record your activities over the period of time.
  • Calorie count: Measures number of calories burned each day.
  • Sedentary reminder: After you been inactive for a while, this band reminds you to get up and move around. This feature ensures you walk enough steps each day.
  • Sleep monitor: Measures quality of your sleep as deep sleep and light sleep. You can also set sleep reminders and wake up reminders.
  • Remote camera: By connecting the bracelet with your phone, you can click photos through the bracelet.
  • Mobile Anti-lost function: Find your mobile by double tapping the bracelet screen.
  • Amazing battery life
  • Waterproof and dustproof

A perfect band for recording your fitness levels and getting the necessary motivation to step forward. Available in wonderful colors. Order now from Amazon and enjoy its amazing features.

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GBD GPS Tracker Smart Watch for Kids

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This is a slightly higher version of a fitness tracker for kids as it includes a separate sim card and Gprs system. It is highly useful for parents when they want to self-monitor their kids movement (such as for security reasons). The watch bracelet can be worn by the kids just like other trackers and the app can be controlled by the parents through their smartphone. It comes with its own simcard so there are no sim compatibility issues later on.

The features of this band include:

  • Pedometer: for recording steps throughout the day.
  • Time display: displays time like a digital wrist watch on the screen
  • Real time location monitoring: Provides real time location monitoring through its advanced GPRS system. This is a rare feature that you would not find in other fitness trackers.

This Fitness tracker has amazing customer reviews on Amazon. The quality is excellent and guaranteed. Durable and easily connectable with smartphones. No compatibility issues or bugs.

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