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3 of the Best Fitness Watches for Men Available On Amazon

fitness watches for men

People who work out regularly like to keep a record of their daily performance. Fitness tracking apps are designed for this purpose. These apps can be turned on and off according to the duration of your fitness sessions.

However, a major limitation is carrying the cellphone during workouts e.g. during high intensity cardio workouts or weight lifting, keeping a cellphone in your hand or pocket can be difficult.

To overcome this limitation, the gadget technology advanced to facilitate with fitness watches and smart bands. These fitness watches and bands are literally handy; they can be worn just like a regular wristwatch enabling convenience.

The number of features offered in these watches vary widely; the basic pedometer function is present in almost all of them. Advanced features include pulse measure and heartbeat count.

Usually, these bands can be connected to your cell phone. The cellphone can then be placed at a distance and you can record your performance in real time as you hit high or jump across.

These watches have taken the market by storm. We thought to bring to you three of the best Fitness watches for men available on Amazon. Read below to learn more about them:

Polar M400 GPS Smart Sports Watch

This smart polar watch is also smart in looks. It comes with and without heart rate monitor with a slight difference in prices. Available in four different colors including white, black, blue and pink. The black color is preferred by adult men whereas the blue color is mostly liked by young boys. The features offered by this Polar Smart Sports watch include:

GPS technology: Comes with a Built-in GPS technology that records distance, pace and altitude.

Fitness tracker: The fitness tracker tracks your workout activities including steps, distance covered and calories burned.

Sleep monitor: Records quality of your sleep as periods of light sleep and deep sleep.

Waterproof technology: Use it in rain or under water. Waterproof technology allows you to record your performance in all kinds of weather conditions.

Advanced Compatibility: Compatible with H7 Heart rate sensor.

Social: Connect it with the Polar Flow app in your phone and sync, share your results.

Customized sports profile: Allows you to keep a customized sports profile.

Along with all these features, The Polar GPS Smart Sports watch has high running cadence from the wrist. Not only this watch helps you record performance but also double and triple it by giving daily targets. Suitable for a variety of exercises and sports such as bowling, boxing, cycling, dancing, exercise/fitness, etc.

The perfect sporty design helps you work out with ease. Very lightweight to wear so that you don’t face any discomfort. Measure accurate results with this polar watch. Stay smart, stay active. Long lasting battery life. The watch also has amazing customer reviews on Amazon. Some of the favorite most reported features include free training routines, training flexibility, target setting, activity groups and custom training views. Check more about this product from Amazon now!

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Fitbit Blaze Smart Fitness Watch

Another best-selling men’s fitness watch on Amazon is the Fitbit Blaze Smart Fitness Watch. It has more than 5500 customer reviews and innumerable 5 stars. It comes in pure black color with great display. The features offered by this watch include:

Purepulse Heart rate monitoring: Tracks your heart rate continuously without an uncomfortable chest strap.

Smart Track: Smart Track recognizes and records exercises for you.

Multi-sport: Use it during running, biking or cardio

Workout goals + Summaries: Allows you to set weekly exercise goals and read summaries.

Sync: Syncs seamlessly with IOS, Android and Windows devices using Bluetooth 4.0 wireless technology.

Water/Sweat/Rain/Splash Proof:  Sweat and rain proof technology allows you to use the watch in all kinds of weather. The watch is not swim resistant, should be taken off before showers. Works best when dry and clean.

Other features: Other features include auto sleep, silent alarms, music control and call/texts alerts.

Long lasting battery life and advanced technology. Versatile design tracks your workout and helps you improve performance. Large screen gives an easy to read display. Durable design, the gorilla glass on the screen does not get scratched. Records activity automatically, no need to turn on the sleep tracker manually.

Perfect for a variety of activities like running, walking or elliptical. Sleek design that is both lightweight and comfortable. Rated as “Best Seller #1” by Amazon. Get yours now!

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Polar FT7 Heart Rate Monitor

The next product to bring to you is the Polar FT7 Heart Rate Monitor. This watch provides you work out guidance by measuring your heart rate. The heart rate is continuously and accurately measured to enhance your experience. This heart rate monitor comes in 8 different color combinations, the men colors being pure black, black/blue, black/silver and black/red. The features of this watch include the following:

Heart Rate monitoring: track your heart rate in real time as you work out.

Energy pointer: Energy pointer feature points out whether the main effect of your training is fitness improvement or fat burning.

Smart calorie counter: tells you the calories burned.

Heart rate chest strap:  the heart rate chest strap is flexible and adapts to your body shape.

Compatibility: can be connected to gym equipment using Gym Link and water resistant.

Record keeping: keeps record of your last 99 workouts!

A very useful tool for those who want to lose weight and maintain in the long term. The efficient energy pointing feature motivates you to burn more calories and make every second of your workout count. Real time heart rate monitoring allows you to increase or decrease the intensity of your workouts. After each workout, a training summary is produced showing average and maximum heart rate recorded and calories burned. All the 99 training records are maintained with their summaries in the watch.

The heart rate is displayed as intensity zones. Working out in your specific intensity zone will add to your performance and you will work out smart. Maximize your performance with this band and get all your results. Simple, comfortable and easy to use. Outstanding customer reviews, most of them being five stars. Buy this from Amazon in a very reasonable price.

Enhance your performance with these handy and advanced fitness tracking watches. These watches allow you to maintain and improve your fitness routines. Daily tracking helps you stay motivated in the long run. Why settle for anything less than the best? These fitness watches are high in features and low in price.

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