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6 Best Foot Massagers For Relieving Foot Ache Available On Amazon

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Are your feet tired after long working hours? Do you experience muscle tension or leg pull on a regular basis? Are you tired of pain in your heels?

If the answer to any of these is a yes then this review is for you. We know you have been wondering to make your feet happy. Here we bring you the 6 best foot massagers for relieving foot ache available on Amazon:

TheraBand Foot Roller for Foot Pain Relief

ThreaBand Foot Massager has multiple features that relax your feet and relief the foot pain. It is medically recommended and is one of the best-selling in its category on Amazon. It is green in color and is cylindrical in shape.

The size is perfectly portable so you can carry it in your hand bag during travel. If you are facing arch pain, heel pain (plantar fasciitis) or tired feet then this foot massager is the thing you should be looking for. This massager works by massaging, lengthening and stretching the muscles in the foot, toes and arch region which releases the pain from the affected part.

This TheraBand Foot Massager can be used by runners, cyclists, athletes after strenuous activities that often make the feet painful or strained. Massaging feet after these activities will improve athletic performance and put you to relaxation. Other than athletes, it can be used by desk workers, working women, dancers or anyone who want to pamper their feet after a tiring day at workplace.

Get over your traditional and uneasy methods of foot massaging; those frozen water bottles and golf balls are no longer convenient or effective.

Besides all other features, this foot massager is also easy to clean. If you are using it on bare floor, there are high chances that you will like to wash it before another use. For this reason, it is made of washable material. The cylindrical shape holds your feet onto the surface and provide a no-slip experience. It is made of natural latex material that is flexible to take the shape of your feet and give a customized solution.

This foot massager can also be used for cold therapy. Freeze it for some time and then use to massage feet, it will help you to decrease inflammation i.e. treat swollen feet. TheraBand foot massager is a kind of must have foot care that is both economical and great in quality. Get amazed by the customer reviews and enjoy a relaxing experiencing. Order yours now!

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Beurer Foot Massager

This Beurer Foot Massager relaxes your feet by its amazing features such as the built in heat function. Unlike the previous manual massager, this is an electronic massager. It is rectangular in shape and has four feet that settle it on the ground.

It can be turned on and off with a button present on its front. It has two different massaging levels, high and low. If you want to enjoy a deep massage then set it to the higher level or otherwise. The surface of this massager is made of breathable kind so it does not lead to any feelings of stress or discomfort. Slight markings are present for both feet which enable easy placement.

The build in heat function provides a very soothing experience for tired and stressed feet. This is a special feature that is not found in all massage machines. It should also be noted that the built in heat function is separate, if you like to have a cold massage you should only single click the power button. The second click turns on the heat function. There are 18 rotating massage beads placed under the regions of foot markings. These beads enable deep penetration into the foot muscles and takes away the pain.  

This foot Massager also consists of the circulation boosting Asian famous Shiatsu technique. This technique is particularly best for loosening the muscle tension. Depending upon the intensity of massage, it reaches deep to your tissues and releases pressure. Enjoy a foot reflex zone massage. This massage is definitely a treat for your tensed feet. Soothing foot reflexology anywhere anytime.

Effective performance in a great design. Very lightweight to carry from place to place. You just need to have an electrical outlet to connect it too. Adjustable height by the twisting pegs attached at the bottom. Lift it to a suitable height and sit on your sofa to enjoy the best messaging experience. You can also tilt the angle of the machine if required.

A great product for bad feet. Outstanding reviews by real customers on Amazon. This foot massager comes in a very reasonable price. Enjoy the best by making this purchase.

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uComfy Shiatsu Foot Massager

uComfy foot massaging machine is good for heated foot therapy. It consists of two fabric coated zones for placing feet and getting a massage. Place your feet in these zones and get the automated massage. Improves respiration and regulates blood pressure during massage. Kneads and vibrates foot to relieve pain. Massages the entire foot from the top to the bottom.

This machine is silver and black in color with power button and other option buttons present on the top. These colors make the product very sleek looking. Like the previous two products, this uComfy massager is also very lightweight to carry around.

Works to remove pain from leg muscles and feet. The cloth cover is made of washable nature. So, if you feel that the cloth needs a wash after several uses you can easily remove the fabric and spin it in your machine. This foot massager should always be connected to a standard power source.

Offers five different massaging levels with one being the lightest and fifth being the strongest. Different levels offer different intensity of massage. The levels can be changed by using the + and – buttons. When you change the level you will be able to feel a change in the air pressure intensity and tightness of feet. The default level set is three, the user is required to change the level according to his preference.

This Ucomfy foot massager is a lovely product to pamper your feet. Great customer reviews on Amazon. Read reviews to learn more.

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TheraFlow Dual Foot Massager Roller

TheraFlow Dera Foot Massager Roller consists of multiple rollers so that many points on your feet are undergoing massage at the same time. It is a dual foot massager, both right and left feet can be massaged simultaneously. This is a great feature to enjoy massage quickly especially when you are running out of time. A consistent messaging experience for your feet.

The massager is brown in color with four rollers fitted. A total of eight rollers are present (four for right feet and four for left feet). The rollers have ridges that are spaced for effective point stimulation. In addition to the eight ridged rollers, two numbed rollers are also present for acupoint reflexology. The total length is 7.3 inches (18 cm).

The product comes in a brown colored decent cardboard package. The package has a free digital foot-chart with information on how to treat common ailments with foot reflexology. This massager is especially designed to relieve pain of the heel or foot arch. Also treats neuropathy and stressed, tensed feet. Relax your feet with this massager if you feel any kind of sore, muscle pull or ache. Enhances blood flow by ensuring optimal circulation through the feet.

The massager though consists of multiple rollers, it is very portable and lightweight in design. It weighs only 1.6lbs. Ideal for all foot sizes. The rollers are 100% durable (the product comes with a lifetime warranty). Made of high quality wood with great finishing. Stable and solid construction does not wear away.

Massage your feet with this massager in two different modes; the acupressure mode and the kneading mode. The acupressure mode is good for targeted stimulation or when you do not feel like moving your feet too much. Perfect massage for your feet in a less time.

Inexpensive in price but great in working. This product has amazing reviews on Amazon. Especially great for plantar fasciitis. Read more reviews on Amazon and you cannot resist yourself from ordering this!

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Body Back Company’s Footstar Massage Ball

This is a different kind of Foot Massage by the Body Back Company. , it comes in the form of a ball. The ball provides an effective and portable foot therapy. Deeply works to eliminate multiple forms of foot pain. The star shaped nodes on the ball imitate the action of a professional foot massage. Combines the functions of Shiatsu, Reflexology, Trigger point therapy and myofascial release.  The spikes are not harmful, they are made of non-intrusive nature that adds pressure under your foot and activates the trigger points. Great to treat plantar fasciitis.

Besides being portable, this Body Back Machine is also very versatile. Only measures a few ounces and is very lightweight to carry during travel. It can be fitted inside any bag. You can carry your massager anywhere anytime. Nobody will ask what it is because it looks just like a ball.

This ball shaped Body Back’s foot roller is made from high quality combination of chemicals. The ball is hypoallergenic so can also be used inside water or humid areas. Risk free return and exchange.

The lifetime guarantee keeps away the tension from us and further re-affirms the product quality. Releases the pain by allowing the effective blood supply through the muscles which keeps them oxygen and nutrient rich.  Reaches to all essential points in your body to give pain relieve. This machine can be used anywhere because of it. Put it in you gym, office or the home.

Helps in rapid rehabilitation of the vain. The customer reviews say that this foot massager is the perfect to work against Plantar fasciitis. Make your feet look and relax better. Perform well throughout the day and make your feet look happy at night.

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MedMassager Speed Foot Massager

The last product is another different kind of a Foot Massager. It is an electric massager with a full size oscillating foot pad having an arch bar and a surface targeting pressure points.

It is usually used by doctors, therapists and other professionals to ensure blood circulation in the feet. This MedMassager is particularly recommended to people suffering from diabetes and neuropathy. The massager has a rugged and durable surface that lasts long. A separate kit is available for using the massager on hard floor. The kit comes with the package.

Particularly for people who want to spend a lot of time on their foot care and have maximum comfort. If you have severe leg or foot pain you should consider buying this massager. The doctors or therapists would advise it to people having problems with blood circulation and foot pain due to diseases (diabetes, neuropathy). Eases the muscle tension in your legs and feet and alleviates joint pain and swelling.

The design of the machine is optimized for comfortable use. The foot pad is inclined at an angle for ease of use. Manufactured in compliance with ISO 9000-2001 standards. Also certified by FDA for therapeutic use. Comes with a one year replacement warranty and a lifetime warranty.

Outstanding customer reviews. Customers on Amazon have listed it as a magical product and the best therapeutic product. Click buy now because you deserve this.

Purchase the best quality for your feet. These foot massagers are specifically designed to provide a customized massaging experience to you. All you need to do is to know what kind works best for you! A foot comfort like never before.

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