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3 Best Rated German Scissors Available On Amazon

german scissors

Scissors are one of the basic cutting tools. Scissors (of course that had a different design and shape) are in use approximately since the 1500 BC. Essentially, a scissor has two sharp blades that are pivoted at a central point. The sharpness of the blades is set according to the intended use of the particular scissor e.g. a scissor designed for children only will have less sharp blades as compared to a scissor employed in the kitchen for slicing meat.

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Scissors are designed for specialized purpose e.g. hair cutting scissors, paper cutting scissors, cardboard cutting scissors, fabric cutting scissors, etc. Two popular types of scissors are Japanese and German style scissors, named according to the country of their manufacturing. German style scissors have flatter edges whereas Japanese style scissors have a sharp edge. Each of these distinct styles has their uses. German scissors, yet, have an exceptional durability and hold. Let us review three best German scissors available on Amazon:

Knife Edge Dressmaker’s Shears

The Dressmaker’s Shears are silver in color. The company name “Gingher” is beautifully engraved on one of the blades giving a professional look. These Shears come in both Industrial and retail packaging so everyone can enjoy working with these great shears.

The design of the shears makes them an ideal dressmaker’s scissors for cutting out new patterns and making seams. One of the blades has a highly précised knife edge for smooth cutting. You can satisfy all your customers’ dress styling needs with the Gingher 8-inch Knife edge shears.

The Dressmakers have to handle the scissors for extended periods of time, we have often seen them complaining about their aching fingers and hands. The Gingher Dressmakers scissors have carefully designed these shears to give a secure hold. The handles are bent which makes them comfortable.

As evident by the product name, the shears are 8 inches in length. This length is ideal for making long cuts during dress designing. The user does not require to put extra effort to make the cuts. The shears also provide a smooth finish across flat surfaces such as a tabletop or counter.

The scissors are very convenient to use and can also be used by individual dress designers working at home. So if you are worried about finding a good dressmaker, this is the solution for you! Customers have reported designing their own bridal dresses using these scissors. You can set up your own sewing corner and fulfill your customized dress needs. The sharp tip makes it easy to make different cuts.

These Gingher 8-Inch Knife-Edge scissors cut through both light and heavy weight cloth alike. These shears can be a great gift for your mother or grandma on the next Christmas.


These nail scissors by 3 swords are professionally designed to give your nails a real trimming experience. We all admire the supermodels with their beautiful hands having the exactly right nail size. Have you ever wondered how they just do that? These Solingen 3 Swords nail scissors are the answer.

These scissors have an excellent blade design that protects the nails while cutting. You would not have unwanted cuts on your nails if you are using these shears. The blades are pointed that produces ideal nail cuts. The 3 Swords Nail scissors are manufactured using high-grade heavy machinery which makes the design durable.

The product comes in neat packaging, the back side of the package has information about the features of these scissors. The scissors are finished with nickel plating giving a smooth look. At the end of the manufacturing process, each scissor is given a metallic hand varnishing.

The 3 Swords German nail scissors do not wear away as the material is abrasion resistant. You would not notice any color change in the scissors through different seasons.

The scissor has a perfect size and is lightweight. It can be easily carried in the shoulder bag. Do you want beautifully manicured nail look? The 3 Sword German Nail Scissors are a must buy. You can also present it as a gift to your mother, sister, wife, girlfriend or daughter.

These scissors are sturdy yet handy for quick work. The ceramic composed handle of the scissors makes them very easy to handle. A great buy for hand and toe nails. High in quality but low on price. Gives highly sharp and precise cuts.

Heavy Duty Toenail Scissors

Hand-made German Erbe scissors are a great pick for toenails. These scissors are handcrafted and surely a great pick for toenails. They are small in size, silver in color and have a slightly lifted blade as seen from the front.

The product is high in quality and original. Many cheap replicas of this product are available in the market. Therefore, it is advised check the scissors packaging carefully before purchase. The Heavy Duty Toenail Scissors by Erbe are durable and come with a lifetime warranty.

One of the biggest concerns associated with the manufacturing process of industrial goods is environmental degradation and pollution increase. However, these scissors by Erbe are ethically made, each scissor is handcrafted in a socially and environmentally responsible way.

These scissors by Erbe are highly suggested for domestic purpose. They give a very nice cut to nails of average thickness. The nails are cut beautifully with a very fine and smooth edge. The users so not have to put much strain even to cut thick nails. Both the youngsters and old fellows can enjoy a beautiful nail cut through these scissors.

Different scissors vary in performance and features. It is important to choose the right pair of scissors for your everyday cutting needs whether a dress, nails or paper. With the right scissors in your hand, you can enjoy personal satisfaction in your life. Take care of the small things in life and stay confident.

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