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3 Best Rated Gym Mats For Treadmills On Amazon

gym mats for treadmills

Many people like to keep their own treadmill at home, usually in their bedroom or living room where they can watch television, listen to songs and enjoy exercising side by side. Treadmill, however, is a heavy duty equipment and it can damage your floor, carpet or lamination.

Oil leakage from the treadmill may also cause stains or unwanted marks on the floor or carpet. To protect the floor from these effects, treadmill mats are used. These mats will help to maintain your flooring when you place a treadmill on it protecting it from stains, depressions and other damages.

Treadmill mats come in various sizes, ideally the size of the treadmill should be matched with that mat once you are buying it. An average treadmill mat would be 3 inches wide and about 6.5 inches in length. Some treadmills are large in size and would require larger mat sizes.

In this article, we have reviewed three of the best treadmill mats on Amazon. These mats can not only be used for your home gyms but are also fit for commercial gyms. Read below to learn more about these best sellers:

Stamina Fold-to-Fit Folding Equipment Mat

This is an oversized treadmill mat ideal for protecting your delicate flooring from the damages caused by a treadmill.

Although the size is sufficiently long, the mat can be folded and fitted according to the area you want to cover. This mat is among the best selling in its category on Amazon with over 900 reviews by real customers.

It can be used for a variety of gym equipment including treadmills, stationary bikes, rowing machines etc.

The material of this mat is closed-cell foam which is both tough to hold your equipment and soft to protect your floor. The closed cell-foam material absorbs all kind of blemishes, impacts, vibrations. It also protects the carpet fibers from wearing away. 

In total, this mat has 7 folding sections allowing you to easily custom fit it according to your area. The texture of the mat is non-slip, besides protecting your floor it will also protect your treadmill providing it an easy surface to stand on. The surface of the mat is easy to clean, you can wash it and enjoy a new experience. Although the size of the mat is considerably large, it unbelievably weighs only seven pounds.

Price is good for the features. Excellent durability, it will withstand all pressure and hard conditions even after years of use. You will be happy to invest in this mat doing its job in the corner of your room underneath your equipment.

A truly convenient, versatile, high quality mat. Flushed with positive reviews by real customers on Amazon. Check it out now.

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ProImpact Treadmill Mat

Prolmpact Treadmill Mat is another decent treadmill mat choice on Amazon. It is also among the best-selling mats with more than 450 reviews by real customers.

This mat is available in three different sizes i.e. 36*78*4, 36*78*6, 40*96. This variety allows the customers to pick the one they exactly like. Each size has its own specifications. However, all of the sizes have the same great quality.

This Prolmpact Mat is a commercial grade mat, if you are a gym owner and looking for mat that can easily hold the heavy equipment then this is the most sensible choice.

It is both shock and sound absorbing. The sound absorbing feature is highly desirable. If you are using the treadmill at home, it will help you reduce the unwanted noise from reaching to the other rooms. Long-lasting and durable in nature, does not demand any maintenance even after years of use.

Unlike other foam mats that compress, this mat will retain its shape and look without any compression.

Ideal for all kinds of surfaces including hardwood, tile, concrete or low pile carpet as well as other hard surfaces. It is the same mat that you will see being used by fitness professionals all around the world. Buying this mat will also make you a responsible citizen as it is made from 100% recycled material.

It will protect your carpet from all kinds of damages and stains. Customers on Amazon have reported to use this for years and enjoying a stainless carpet look like ever before.

Even after years of use, you will see that your carpet under the mat would be in quite a better position as compared to uncovered area. A great choice for both professional and domestic environment. Amazing, five starred customer reviews on Amazon. This mat is all what you needed!

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Supermats Heavy Duty P.V.C. Mat

This Supermats Heavy Duty P.V.C mat is ideal for your heavy duty treadmills. It is made of long lasting and high quality durable material that protects your carpet and floor from the mechanical and chemical effects of a treadmill. It has the dimensions of an average treadmill mat, fit for most treadmills. This size is perfect for small or home based, self-managed gyms.

Besides protecting the floor from the harmful effects of heavy duty treadmills, it will also protect the equipment and increase its life.

This mat will help prevent dust and other unwanted floor particles from entering your machines. The mat is washable in nature, you can wash it after sometime if you feel dust has gathered around. Like the previous mat, it also comes with a sound absorbing quality. Your neighbors or family members would not be disturbed by noise.

Protects your carpets and floors in the best possible way. You would not notice any stains, depressions or blemishes on the carpet/floor surface. A great mat in a great price. This is a perfect economical solution for your home gym worries (literally half the price). Purchase one from Amazon now!

These mats will free you from worries about floor and carpet damage. With additional features such as sound absorption, they are an ideal choice for both your home gym and professional setup.

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