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3 Best Gym Towels for Women Available On Amazon

gym towels for women

Gym Towels are specifically designed for women and come in different designs and colors. Usually, they are pink, purple, and red in color giving a unique girly look and making it perfect for a women to carry to the gym.

The purpose of gym towels is to help in effective cooling, maintaining body temperature following strenuous exercise.  The towels also ensure hygiene as the gym equipment usually are full of bacteria, cleaning your hands after usage ensures your protection.

In this article, we will look at three of the best gym towels for women available on Amazon. These gym towels are available in a variety of colors. However, we will focus on the colors that are suitable for women. Let us look at these:


This Hot Yoga towel comes in all women colors from purple to cherry pink. It is available in different sizes. This one is the relatively smaller size so called as the hand towel. Although, it can be used during different exercises but it is specifically designed for yoga sessions. Perfect to wipe off your sweat easily between sessions and start a new one with all energy.

The dimensions of the towel are 16.5*22.5 inches. The material of the towel is thick. In addition to being thick, the towel is textured. The 100% microfiber weave is soft on the skin at the same time efficient enough to clean the skin. You can use this for any exercise at the gym or your house.

Easy to take care of. After wiping sweat from your body following exercise or high activity, you would like to wash the towel before re-use. While other towels are hard to rinse and are sensitive to detergents, this YogaRat towel can be easily washed. Wash it in cold water and tumble dry on medium speed. Observe care against bleach or fabric softener as fabric softener may damage the microfiber fabric.

Ultra-thick, plush and still light weight. The thickness of the towel is a little more than standard yoga towels making it very soothing on the skin. Stylish and cushioning, this towel has the solution for your worries. Low quality towels can damage or irritate the skin. YogaRat Towel provides optimal sweat absorption.

It should also be noted that these towels are latex free in nature, people with allergies can also use these without any worry. Best quality in the given price. A great buy. Check it out from Amazon!

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Microfiber Towel Best for Gym

This microfiber multi-purpose towel is another great quality product in its category on Amazon. It can be used for different sports such as camping, yoga, fitness and gym. A perfect buy for a lady. Comes with a separate bag. The bag makes it easy to carry the towel to the gym or during travelling.

Two amazing features of this towel are that it is quick drying and has a super absorbent nature. Wipes away sweat or fluids from the skin surface as if they were never there.

Dries instantly so you can re-use it. This towel is very practical in its design, you can hang it during exercise. It comes with an antibacterial coating. The coating prevents the buildup of bacteria and other molds enabling your hygiene. Stays fresh and odorless all the time. The antibacterial coating prevents the buildup of odor in the microfiber.

The size of this towel is about 20*40 inches. Use it as a gym towel, hand towel or yoga towel. You can also fit this inside your bag, purse or gym gear. The materials used in the manufacturing of this towel include polyester and polyamide. Can be used both outdoors and indoors. This is the only pink towel you have been looking for. It has a Go2Towel technology:

– Designed for high sweat activities. Absorbs water quickly and dries easily.
– The silver ion Antibacterial treatment keeps away bacteria and unwanted smells.
– A luxurious finish making it safe and soft to use on the skin.
– Easy to fit and lightweight.

Enjoy a wonderful experience and a perfectly clean and smooth skin after exercise. It has the most amazing customer reviews on Amazon. We suggest you to go through these reviews for more details. Most of these reviews are five stars. Perfect quality in a perfect price.

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SYOURSELF Microfiber Sports & Travel Towel

Like the previous two towels, this one is also made from 100% high quality microfiber. These microfiber are designed to be highly absorbing. Take away your sweat, they make a perfect partner for your hot days, workout and sports. Very fine in making. This towel dries up to ten times quicker than a standard towel and can hold up to 4 times their own weight.

Mold resistant and antibacterial. Lightweight, soft and gentle. Use them for getting a calming experience. Use these towels for golfing, fishing or during hiking. They ensure your protection and hygiene in the best possible way. The length of the towel is just right to put around the neck.

Easy to maintain. It is recommended that you wash it before first use. It can be both hand washed and machine washed (with like colors). It has a breathable mesh fabric which keeps away the odor. Easy to fold and fight inside your gym or any other bag. Come with a carabiner to hang it with the bags or any other support. A great sports, gym and travel towel. Must check.

Are you tired of the regular wet towel smell and looking for a solution? These three towels are a great choice for your workouts. Tried and tested by real customers, they are a must buy!

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