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3 Best Hair Oils for Dry Hair

best hair oils for dry hair

best hair oils for dry hairDry hair is a problem almost all of us suffer from, at one point or another in our life. This problem can be solved quite easily.

Oiling is one of the most effective methods of reducing the dryness of your hair. However, most of us forget to do that.

You can choose to shampoo your hair, or apply serums and hair treatments but nothing replaces a good old oiling routine. Today, I am going to tell you about three of the best oils that you can easily order online and use for your hair oiling routine to get your hair magnificently shiny and smooth. So, let’s begin!

Best Hair Oils for Dry Hair Reviews

Badger Argan Oil – for Dry and Damaged Hair

This product works like a magic potion! It is even recommended by professional hair stylists and beauty experts. It comes in a beautiful small clear bottle, of about 5.4 ounces.

The reasons I selected this product is because a) it works great by the looks of it reviews b) I’m certain if it works well they probably are using real Argan Oil in it. So, let’s look at what Argan Oil exactly is. It is basically a plant-based oil that is produced from kernels of the Argan Tree.

Argan Trees are found in abundance in Morocco and it is a food delicacy in certain cuisines. Moroccan people also use this oil as “brilliantine” for hair. It treats acne very well. However, we will discuss the effects of this oil on human hair – dry human hair to be specific. This product’s rating at amazon is a whopping 4.5 stars, which in my opinion is good since it means most of the customers rate it five stars.

An amazing feature of this oil is that it does not weigh the hair down, no matter how much voluminous your hair is. Customers tend to adore the fact that the oil is all natural and organic. It’s a heart-favorite of women with long lustrous manes and they all believe this Argan Oil had done them good. Very thin and light colored hair may tend to look a bit dark however the nourishing features of this oil are indescribable until you try it for yourself.

The oil smells amazing, mildly like orange, since it is all natural and there are bad odors staying in your head at the cost of their shine. This could prove to be an excellent choice for people who have sensitivity to organic products because it is extremely gentle to the skin. Simply apply it by dabbing some on your fingers and applying wherever you want.

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Dove Dry Oil, Pure Care Nourishing Hair Treatment with African Macadamia Oil

The next oil that works like magic on hair is the Dove Dry Oil which is essentially designed for all hair types however is has amazing effects on dry hair since it does not leave the hair looking greasy and weighed down, at all. It comes in a beautiful clear bottle, tinted a honey colour.

The bottle has 100 ml oil in it, and it’s not very pricey. This is your one go-to oil that anyone in your family can use and yet it fulfils the requirements of people with dry hair.

This Oil treatment is made up of Macadamia Oil brought in from Africa. As per the packaging, it is a mix of Mineral oil, macadamia seed oil, coconut oil, sweet almond oil, sunflower oil, palm oil, punica seed oil.

Applying the oil is fairly simple, just squeeze out oil by pumping the bottle three to four times and dab it in your partially wet hair from root to tip, and don’t worry about the grease because that is precisely why Dove adopted a Dry oil technology while producing this oil.

A by-product of dry hair could be dead-ends, in which case this oil would do miracles for you! So, forget having to chop your locks off all too often to get rid of those dead-ends. The packaging is quite big, might as well last you a whole year if your hair isn’t too damaged. The odour however can be slightly confusing, don’t take it for a baby oil. You would get used to it because the effects are marvellous.

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Moroccanoil Hair Treatment for all hair types

Once again, this hair oil is not particular to dry hair but works perfectly fine on the hair. With an amazing rating of 4.6, it is easily one of the most popular hair oils on Amazon for dry hair. It comes in a decent dark glass bottle packaging labelled in blue.

The bottle holds a 100 ml of the oil. The key ingredient for this oil are Argania Spinoza Kerner oil, which is basically Argan Oil so this happens to be another famous brand that provides pure organic Argan Oil for dry hair.

The reviews of this product on amazon are fantastic! You won’t find a long list of all the ingredients used however I can assure you the reviews find this product to be amazing in its properties and function. It is rather pricey as far as its size is concerned, however the results make up for it.

The bottle comes with a pump, so you can take as many pumps as your hair requires and preferably apply it in wet hair if you’re using it post-wash. The bottle could easily last for about a year. Another plus point is that it smells absolutely incredible. If you have not only dry but also damaged hair you might choose to invest in conditioners however such products do not have lasting effects.

I’d recommend investing in this for once and see your hair get better and better as the bottle sticks around the next whole year. This is basically a part of many salon treatments and hair stylists are frequent users of this miraculous life-saving hair oil.

These were some of the amazon’s bestselling oils reviewed to help you figure out which one would suit your needs and style. Happy Styling!

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