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3 Best Hair Oils for Frizzy Hair Available On Amazon

hair oils for frizzy hair

hair oils for frizzy hairFrizzy hair can be very upsetting and frustrating. It seems to make every hairdo look kind of unflattering. Causes of frizzy hair can range from your hair naturally being frizzy to being treated by chemicals or a lot of flat-ironing.

Humid weather can also induce a devastating frizz in hair. Oiling your hair at least twice in a week before you go to bed and washing it the next day can help very much in tackling the issue of frizzy hair.

However, the question arises, what oils benefits with the frizz most? It is to be kept in mind that the product you use on your hair as an oil must be organic. Synthetic products tend to have sulfate compounds in them which strip the hair off their natural oils. I’m going to list three oils that you can easily find on amazon since they are very popular among people for treating frizz. Have a look:

1 Litre Coconut Merchant Organic Raw Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

With a whopping 1000+ number of quite positive reviews, this product is one of the best seller oil on Amazon. This oil can serve several purposes from your pantry to washroom cabinet, however since this product is completely organic its effect on hair is magical.

This oil is not very pricey compared to its characteristics and amount, it comes in a 1000ml bottle. It is a produce of Sri Lanka. This oils is made by cold-pressing coconut flesh, therefore it is raw. This oil contains loads of Lauric acid and other essential fats which are good for nourishing your hail.

It is preferable to heat the oil a little bit before you apply it in the hair. The aroma is very sweet and subtle and generally diffuses after washing. Fun part, it can even serve as your makeup remover if you run out of it. It is easily rated 4.8 on amazon. If you’ve got frizzy hair you can put some through the ends after wash and see the difference.

Regular usage can make your hair super shiny and silky. It is preferable to store this product in a cool, dry place. The product melts at above 20 degrees. In short, it is fine choice to add up in your hair care routine to get rid of frizzy hair real fast.

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Argan Oil Hair Protector Spray

This is the perfect protective and rejuvenating mechanism you can find for your hair. Frizz is an inevitable result of constant blow-drying, straightening or curling of your hair. It makes your hair become dry and brittle and they start to break off. Ultimately your hair requires deep conditioning to avoid the effects of it. The protectant is made from Argan Oil, and all other natural ingredients.

The product is absolutely cruelty free and paraben free. This can be used before washing your hair but it also works excellently on wet hair as a leave-in conditioner. A daily usage of this product can leave your hair shiny and vibrant. It comes in 4oz bottle, with a spray pump. Doesn’t include any silicon, a little amount of it goes a long way however.

So, you don’t need to use much of it, if your hair isn’t very dry. Its aroma is very subtle and nice. If your hair tangles a lot, you can use a couple of spritz before you comb your hair and see how easily it gets untangled.

The bottle appears very small and therefore you might think it is over-priced however it is a very safe investment since with the amount you need to use on your hair, this product can last for ages before you need to reorder; which I am sure you will, because it is simply amazing. It would take you up to 2-3 weeks to spot a clear difference in the frizz.

However, do check on the reviews before ordering this product since many sellers on amazon are selling it and you want to buy it only from the authentic one.

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Sunny Isle Jamaican Black Castor Oil 4 oz

This one’s a personal favorite. Castor oil is my favorite organic oil for other reasons, such as hair growth. The effect on hair and lashes is magnificent. However, the deeply nourishing components of castor oil can very easily make the problem of frizzy hair disappear.

This particular castor oil has an amazingly enriching effect on hair, it strengthens the root and repairs the ends. And not just that, you can also use it as a side treatment for your acne because it rejuvenates the skin much like Vitamin E does. This elixir, as I would call it, is extracted from pure Jamaican castor seeds. It is 100% original, tried and tested.

The consistency is medium, although castor oil can be very greasy and hard to get out of hair without strong shampoos. People who prefer the no-poo way might have trouble getting it out of their hair. The aroma is product is lightly ashy. It’s made by roasting the castor seeds and then grinding them in a manual grinder to keep the freshness intact.

Afterwards the crushed beans are boiled to extract pure, thick brown castor oil out of them. It is one of the best quality oils present in the market. A combination of black castor oil and coconut oil is very benefiting for gravely damaged hair. Customers have rated this product a 4.5 on amazon and it seems to be quite popular among people.

Men have actually tried this product on their beard and result is a thicker yet more smooth beard hair. The packaging is small, as it contains only 4oz of oil however a little goes a long way, since the consistency is fairly thick and to avoid any greasiness you should prefer using it mixed with another oil. The best part is, this product is not overpriced at all. So you get all the benefits of oiling in little price and a small packaging.

I’ve reviewed some of my favorite products to kill the post-heat treatment and humid weather frizz, do try one of these oils. I’m certain you won’t be disappointed.     

Beth Martel

Beth Martel

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