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3 Best Rated Home Oxygen Supplies Available On Amazon

home oxygen supplies

A doctor only gets three minutes to mitigate the risk of brain damage, heart failure and death if a patient starts to lose oxygen.

A healthy body should never go below 95% oxygen saturation, and oximeters can detect changes as small as 1%. The use of this device for oxygen therapy to homebound patients is helpful. If the amount of oxygen an individual is getting daily is not enough to promote healing, then the therapy is of no use. By using a pulse oximeter, the home health caretaker can accurately record the readings on a daily basis, alerting the doctor to any adverse readings instantly.

A pulse oximeter are also useful for patients recovering from accidents or diseases that have left them physically incapacitated, as well as patients suffering from sleep apnea, asthma and heart conditions. Without the right amount of oxygen flowing through our blood, our bodies cannot heal themselves properly.

You always worry while buying when it comes to medical supplies like these because of the risk that they can turn out to be inaccurate and flimsy. But fret not! Because we present to you the three best fingertips pulse oximeters that give you accurate reading, are easy to carry and use and come with amazing warranty policies and great customer service. Buy any of these and you will not regret buying either of them. Let us have a look on them:

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If you are a patient suffering from sleep apnea or even sports maniac or gymnast and need to measure your blood oxygen saturation level and pulse rate with a reliable and an accurate machine, Acc U Rate fingertip pulse oximeter is what you should buy. This product is for just about any person, who has concerns about his health.

It is constructed as per the standards of FDA and CE for pulse oximeters used by doctor and health and fitness experts. This product is highly recommended for its ability to accurately read your blood saturation points and pulse rate within about 10 seconds and show it on a visibly clear LED screen. It is easy to use and the finger chamber where you need put your finger to get the readings is designed with a smart self-adjusting spring system that fits the finger comfortably and accommodates multiple finger sizes either of children or adults.

It comes with two AAA batteries that will run the pulse oximeter, a Silicon case that protects your device from dust and impairment. It also comes with a lanyard for your convenience to carry it with you while keeping your hands free. For your further satisfaction, it promises you a warranty for 12 months and USA based technical phone support to cater to all your queries and concerns.

So get accurate readings with Acc U Rate, only on Amazon!

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AccuMed is an FDA approved device with an affordable price and perfect for the athletes who travel a lot as it comes with a stylish case that fits in your bag with no hassle and a lanyard that ensures its mobility and easy usability.

It contains materials made from rubber and has an LED screen that consumes low power; moreover, a feature of automatically switching off improves the battery life considerably. The LED also prevents ambient light washout, offering a better ease of reading. It measures the heart rate and blood oxygen circulation accurately and quickly. Two AA batteries are also included to make the device work and an instruction manual is also provided for your convenience and guidance.

It can be used for children and adults both as it accommodates toddler to adult finger sizes in the clamp and can be used by anyone concerned about evaluating pulse strength and saturation levels. You can clean it easily with nothing but alcohol wipes only. It further comes with a 1 year warranty that is provided only by AccuMed to make you a happy customer.

It’s a highly recommended product with an amazing customer feedback that clearly shows that it does the job well. So get your AccuMed CMS-50D1 Pulse oximeter today and be an addition to the happy customers!

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The FDA Approved SantaMedical generation 2 SM-165 fingertip pulse oximeter is suitable for patients suffering from breathing disorder and for athletes and anybody with health concerns. It reads the pulse rate and SpO2 of arterial hemoglobin levels quickly and accurately. It is a lightweight portable device that comes with a case and a strap to hang it around your neck, making it easy to carry on the move.

This product is made in America. It concludes and shows your SpO2 and pulse measurements conveniently on a large digital radiant LED display. This rotatable multidirectional LED allows you to view your results in any direction you want.

It consists of a self-adjusting finger clamp that accommodates a broad range of finger sizes. The device runs with 2 AAA batteries that are also included in the purchase. It has a long battery life because it automatically turns off after 10 seconds saving a lot of battery consumption.

You also get a 1-year no-hassle warranty and a friendly customer service for your convenience. For your further satisfaction, you can ship it back and get your money back. Therefore, you buy it with confidence and it will not leave you disappointed for sure.

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