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Top 3 Disposable Lab Gloves for Professional Use Available On Amazon

lab gloves

Lab gloves are essentially required by medical technicians, professionals, and chemistry lab workers to work efficiently and safely. The gloves protect the skin from harmful chemicals, pathogenic organisms, and scrap material that is frequently dealt with in the laboratory. 

The safety guidelines for lab workers require gloves as one of the basic lab safety measures to be observed. It is ideal that the gloves used by the lab workers are disposable. Reusable gloves present a high risk of contamination and are also not welcomed by the users.

Here we review three of the best nitrile disposable lab gloves available on Amazon:

Safetouch Nitrile Exam Gloves are recommended for people who are allergic to rubber or latex material. Nitrile Exam gloves by Safetouch can also be used by people who are sensitive to donning powder. These gloves are designed according to the guidelines issued by FDA and have an amazing tactile sensitivity. The thickness of the gloves is kept moderate so the user can wear for longer periods of time especially in summers if needed.

The product package has 100 neatly packed gloves. The package also contains information detailed information about the product. To ensure customer safety warnings, labels and directions are given on the package as well.

The size of the gloves is small keeping the feedback from the customers in mind. However, the same quality comes in large sized gloves too. The gloves are easy to fit, smooth, comfortable and relax the hand of the user. Unlike most gloves that leave a strong odor in hands, these gloves are free of any unwanted smell. The users have reported these to be odor free!

The SafeTouch Nitrile Exam Gloves are fit for examining prostate areas when the doctor needs to get his hands into tight areas, and loose gloves present a possible risk. The price is kept economical. Therefore, most people can easily afford this pack and enjoy high quality. These gloves also work well in the lab for dealing with chemicals.

Easy to put on and remove. Do not produce sweat on the hands!

The Halyard Health Powder Free Exam Gloves come in 9.26 inches length and are suggested for people sensitive to latex and powder complications. The finger portions of these gloves provide a firm grip and improved tactile sensitivity.

The gloves are specially designed for demanding laboratory environment where the worker has to deal with a variety of toxicants and chemicals. If you are a person concerned about environmental sustainability and protection then this one is surely for you. These gloves come in environmentally safe packaging. It reduces both space and waste by providing more gloves in a single package.

The Halyard Health Powder-Free Exam Gloves are manufactured according to the Quality System ISO 9001. The critical defects, tensile strength, and puncture resistance are also considered in the design of these gloves.

The quality is consistent. The gloves never tear apart as the user is involved in sensitive works. The users can safely use the Halyard Health Powder-Free Exam Gloves in optical fabrication areas, high energy laser labs, and emergency management labs.

The gloves do not cause any irritation on the hands and are long-lasting. Most users can re-use the gloves before putting on a new pair. Hence, a pack of 100 gloves is economical and enough to last for a considerable time. Excellent quality and worth the price.

The Microflex Latex gloves have a better elasticity than nitrile, chloroprene or vinyl gloves. The gloves come in an economical pack of 100. The fingers of the gloves are textured along the length for providing a firm grip. The user can even have a good grip on oily materials. The fingertips of these gloves have an added thickness which gives increased protection to the user. The glove has a 1.5 mils beaded wrist cuff. Having a tensile strength of 27 MPa, these gloves by Microflex do not break or tear away easily.

Particularly recommended to be used in wet environments due to the feature of chlorination. The chlorination reduces tackiness and surface friction. Powder-free material of the gloves does not leave any residue after the gloves are taken off. Provides a personal satisfaction to the user. Powder-free quality also reduces the chance of bacterial contamination.

These Microflex Gloves are off-white in color and only weigh 1.8 pounds. The gloves are disposable. People who work in the laboratory on a daily basis are most likely to purchase these. The gloves come in various sizes from X-small to X-large. The users can choose the correct size according to their hand size and other requirements.

The design of the gloves meet all standards by ASTM International as well as FDA. Durable and long lasting. Can be used in medical, forensic labs, and during industrial work. An inexpensive yet a high-quality choice. 

Lab safety is an important concern of both the workers and the public. Lab gloves should be carefully chosen as they are to assist the workers in their important tasks. Each person wants to make a comfortable, high-quality glove choice so that he can work without any fear and touch those bottles of chemicals and instruments filled with urine and blood. Choosing the right pair of gloves will optimize your working and ensure safety. 

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