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3 of the Best Makeup Brush Cleaners Available On Amazon

makeup brush cleaners

What you apply on your skin can directly affect its appearance. Either it can lead your skin towards an enchanting glow or it can worsen your complexion, make your skin acne prone and cakey. Of course we would never like the second situation to ever happen to ourselves.  To give your skin a healthy makeup experience, it is important to buy quality makeup and brushes. Likewise, it is equally important to maintain these makeup and brushes in a clean and hygienic state.

If you use makeup on a regular basis, you will see your makeup applicator brushes filled with powdered and creamy particles. Other than these visible makeup residues, apparently invisible dirt and bacteria can also be trapped into your brush hair.

To clean your brushes from these unwanted particles, you need to follow a proper brush cleaning practice. This is a simple generic practice which involves a few steps. To assist themselves in this practice, professionals use a variety of tools including cleaning shampoos and scrubbers.

In this article, you will find three of the best makeup cleaning tools for makeup brushes available on Amazon. Touch your skin with beautifully cleaned products by using these tools.

Ecotools Makeup Brush Cleansing Shampoo

Starting our reviews with this amazing Makeup Brush Cleaning Shampoo by Ecotools. As the name suggests, Ecotools makes products that are close to natural and are minimally processed. This natural shampoo is perfect for cleaning your brushes and removing all these unwanted particles. The shampoo is made of plant based ingredients and is free of phthalates and parabens, both of which may harm the bristles of your brushes. Therefore, the shampoo is extremely gentle on your brushes and improve your brushes to give an even smooth performance on your skin. These ingredients also make this shampoo hypoallergenic and dermatologist recommended.

The shampoo comes in a neatly designed green colored bottle having 177 ml of the product. On the backside of the bottle, ingredients list, usage instructions and cautions are clearly provided so the first time users do not face any problem. To use the shampoo, wet your brushes with warm water and put a small amount of this shampoo and rub the bristles between your fingers. Finally, rinse away the shampoo and let dry.

Ordinary shampoos and detergents are not quite effective in providing a thorough clean to your makeup brushes. They may also affect the bristles of your brushes making them non-reusable. Harmful ingredients of these shampoos can have a terrible effect on your skin. Keeping in mind all these concerns, Ecotools designed this specific product to give your brushes a complete cleaning experience. It is guaranteed to remove more than 90% of the makeup residues off your brushes.

You can use this shampoo to clean all kind of brushes and sponges. Works wonderfully and leaves your applicators soft and new. Use this shampoo for giving an extra clean and pure look. Works great! A must buy product.

Once you have used the shampoo to clean your brushes, you need to have a scrubbing tool to rub your wet brush against it and get rid of the residues. Therefore, the next two reviews consist of the two best-selling brush scrubbing tools. Let us look at these:

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Cleaning MakeUp Washing Brush Tool

This pink colored brush cleaning scrubber is a cute addition to your makeup set. It is designed to thoroughly clean your brushes and give them a brand new look. It is compact in size and can be carried in your makeup pouch. The surface of this scrub is divided into two designs, one consists of smaller knobs and the other consists of grooves. The smaller knobs are used for foaming and lathering and the grooves are used for agitation.

This scrubber by Komocare is made of high quality silicone that will not damage your brush blisters. Brush of various sizes can be rubbed against it and cleaned effectively. You can clean your small sized eye makeup brushes, flat surface contour brushes and big sized blush brushes using this scrubber.

If you are using your fingers, hands, tabletop or any other regular surface to clean your brushes there are high chances of contamination. Also, your brushes would not be cleaned properly rather they will gather more of bacteria and dirt.

It works as an awesome brush cleaner. Can be presented as a gift to your makeup freak sister or friend. Perfect size, color and price. A wonderful experience cleaning your brushes. No more hating and complications while cleaning your applicators. This silicone scrubber has made it super simple. Removes dirt deep down from your brushes. Filled with 5 starred reviews on Amazon!

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Makeup Washing Brush Cleaner

This egg shaped scrubber tool is yet another best-seller in its category on Amazon. It is available in a beautiful mild green color having the same conventional scrubber design. Gives high quality foaming and lathering.

Gently removes all dirt and residues from your makeup brushes. Use your old and used brushes filled with makeup particles and dirt and get a pure and clean one like you just bought it. All you need to do is rub your wet brush against its surface. The dirtiest brushes will be the cleanest ones once you have got this scrubber in your hand.

It works great for both small and large sized brushes. Yet, small sized brushes can be more deeply cleaned. This is basically due to the size of the scrubber. A bigger sized scrubber would be better in cleaning big sized brushes such as those used in blush application. Users on Amazon have reviewed it as a great product.

These are a few great products you need to have to get all that old makeup out. Don’t be afraid to go high with your makeup choices. With this amazing products available, clogged brush hair are no longer a problem!

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