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3 Best Selling Makeup Mirrors for a Flawless Look Available on Amazon

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Every woman can imagine the embarrassment when being pointed out for her unequal contour, overdone blush or unequally plucked eyebrows. Dim light and low quality mirrors can be a nightmare when you are dreaming to get a flawless makeup.

We know you love a killing wink eyeliner for your dinner or a great contoured face for your morning meeting! These flawless looks can be achieved by giving attention to each detail during makeup application.

To minimize the chances of makeup errors or getting a beauty look to perfection, professionals use high quality lighted mirrors. These lighted mirrors are available in a large variety, shape and sizes. They range from compact to-go style (great for travelling) to big sized mirrors (for setting at home or salon). Whether you want to apply an equal base coating or outline your lips, these mirrors bring each detail into focus. We have reviewed three of the best lighted makeup mirrors available on Amazon. Now, you can shop with confidence and get to know which design suits you the best!

Jerdon Tri-Fold Makeup Mirror

Jerdon Tri-Fold Lighted Makeup Mirror is among the best-sellers in its category on Amazon with over 2000 reviews by real customers. It is double sided and has a tri-fold design. It is available in a very decent and exquisite silver-white color that adds a lot of class when put on your home table or at a professional saloon setting. Despite setting up on the table, this mirror is also very compact in size. You can fold it and carry it while travelling. Your beauty partner will accompany you everywhere. The tri-fold design protects the mirror from breakage as you carry it with yourself. It comes with a one year warranty.

Below the central mirror piece an adjustable scale is present through which the mirror settings can be changed according to the environment. These settings make this Jerdon Mirror a perfect multi-purpose beauty pick. The four specific settings correspond to the four general environments including daytime, evening, home and office. The switch has to be moved to select any environment setting.

There are two magnification options; 1x and 5x. the 5x magnification is suited when applying makeup on hard-to –see places such as the chin, sides of the cheeks or the eye lid. On the other hand the 1x magnification is good for hair styling. These flexible magnification options ensure that every detail is set in place. The lightning is provided by a built in electrical outlet. The many beauty angles and versatile lighting option make this mirror a perfect item for all your beauty needs.

The back side of the mirror has an adjustable stand which adapts to any angle you are sitting at. The different illumination options and intelligent technological design are a great combination advancing your next beauty look. The built in electric outlet can accommodate your beauty tools such as curling irons and roller sets. It also helps in managing all the beauty stuff at one place.

You will hardly find any 4 star customer review for this wonderful Jerdon mirror. The customers have reported to love its quality, design and clarity. A must add on stuff. The best quality you can ever have. You will love, love, love this!

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Conair Illumina Makeup Mirror

This Conair Illumina Two sided makeup mirror is another great quality mirror that you can find on Amazon. It also has four different light settings suited for four different environment i.e. evening, home, office and day. An adjustable switch below the mirror is used for changing the settings. High quality lightning is used which provide a glare free and shadow free image.

This Conair mirror is double sided and comes with three panels. The three panels enable viewing from a larger angle so you can look at all sides and face corners easily. The side view panel mirror has adjustable and customized viewing option. This customized option is especially used for close viewing during travel and storage.

The back side of the stand adjusts to any angle and light setting providing flexibility of use. It comes in sharp white color which suits all home décor and office settings. A slight green touch symbolizing “Conair” is also added giving a professional look. A nice, convenient and portable choice for everyday use.

Users have reported this Conair mirror to be of great quality and design. However, certain issues regarding lightning have also been highlighted. Future improvements in the design should consist of improving the light performance of the mirror. Simple and consistent quality to provide an amazing customer experience. Women looking for an economical and quality makeup mirror choice must check this out on Amazon.

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Conair Double-Sided Makeup Mirror

In contrast to the other two designs, this Conair mirror is rounded and lifted on a self-stand giving it a unique look and appearance. It is double sided and can be slightly touched for rotation. Multiple magnification options i.e. 1x and 5x are available. The 5x magnification suitable for adding detail and 1x for an overall look. The stand and the mirror sides have a polished chrome finish which makes the material long lasting and durable.

To align to the size and shape of the mirror, the lightning are also set in a circular way with the mirror. The lightning is operated by 3 adjustable batteries (not included in the package). The battery operated lighting is more durable overall and gives a clear, well defined image.

The mirror stands about 12 inches tall from the base which helps in easy application while standing. You no longer need to hold the mirror every time, the stand does the job for you! The central design is perfectly suited for looking at the unseen corners of the face where makeup application seems difficult.

The beautiful design and quality of these mirrors make makeup application a pure pleasure. Polish and detail your makeup to perfection with these illuminated best-selling mirrors on Amazon. No more eyeliner flaws and uneven applications!

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