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3 Best Rated Medical Alert Bracelets Available On Amazon

medical alert bracelets

A medical alert bracelet is a very useful band for people who suffer from lifelong or life threatening diseases. This bracelet contains basic information about your illness, in case of an emergency this information can be readily made available to the responding staff (rescue workers, paramedics or doctors) and therefore you can be provided quick service.

Some bracelets allow you to engrave the most critical information right on the bracelet. Commonly, an alert bracelet is used by people who have chronic illnesses that require special attention such as heart or pulmonary disease, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, visual or acoustic impairment, allergies or any other rare disease.  

Medical alert bracelets are also called as Medical ID bracelets. Medical ID’s are unique recognition codes assigned to patients. The information regarding the patient’s nature of illness, history, medications, etc along with the Medical ID is written on an alert bracelet. Below, we will be seeing three of the best medical alert bracelets available on Amazon:

Vital Id Adult Adjustable Medical Bracelet

This is a simple to use medical alert bracelet and is usually used by people who do not have a very serious illness or do not like to keep a stainless steel bracelet with them. It stores the medical information in the form of a small note that is placed inside its Velcro strap. The information that can be mentioned is patient’s name, name of the disease, medical ID and emergency contact number.

The strap is black in color with VITAL ID logo made on its strap. The strap can be easily adjusted according to wrist size.

The bracelet is finely stitched and finished which would not away easily.  Very lightweight and easy to put on and off. Medical card is stored inside the strap (just tap the strap next to the medical symbol to find the opening).

The bracelet and the noting card inside are both water-resistant making sure to protect your medical information in emergency cases. The card is about 4*3/4 inches in dimensions. The small size will only allow you to highlight the most important information. Putting only brief but important information saves a lot of time in emergency.

The advantage of this kind of bracelet over a steel bracelet is that the medical information can be changed if needed. Another advantage of this bracelet over a steel bracelet is that it is very comfortable to wear and hypoallergenic.

The strap can also be fixed to the sides of a watch dial. Overall, it’s a better rugged band than a metal or steel chain. Fixing the band into a watch dial will make it less noticeable. A great fix for people who are extra conscious.

A great concept to store and read quick medical information. Used by adults with mild illnesses. People on Amazon have appreciated its quality and durability. Works well for most people. Over 200 positive reviews. Check out from Amazon now!

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Silicone Sport Medical Alert ID Bracelet

This is a silicone made medical alert bracelet. In contrast to the previous bracelet that used a medical card, information on this band is engraved. This frees you from the tension of getting the card lost.

The medical information is written in five lines and includes the name of the person, medical ID and disease. Yet, there’s no rule. The information you chose to write on the bracelet is completely up to you. A maximum of 36 characters can be written per line. The information is written clearly and concisely. Easy to read.

This bracelet is fully waterproof, suits wrist sizes of 5.75-9.75 inches. No problem if you have a very small or a very large wrist. This band suits everyone. The bracelet is given a matte finish and has a dual safety locking clasp.

The safe lock makes sure the bracelet stays in place on your wrist and does not have to be adjusted again and again. A durable choice! The bracelet also comes with a “Star of Life” medical alert symbol. This symbol is recognized world-wide and represents an existing medical condition.

Easy to use as well as secure. The silicone bracelet is designed to both do the work for you and add some style. If in any case, the information has to be updated then replacement plates are made available. The plates can be purchased independent of the bracelet. This band is both convenient and a life saver. Offers easy adjustment with a great hold.

Good customer reviews written on Amazon. The band can be ordered from eight different colors. You can have both for yourself or your children.

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EPIC-id USB Emergency ID Band

Lastly, we bring to you the Epic-id digital band. In comparison to both the previous bands, this band can store lot of information from your Medical Id to your prescription records and hospital admissions data. It is preferred by people who have very serious illnesses or who prefer to have detailed information at hand (literally).

The USB having the detailed information can be easily accessed by the first responders. Does not require any high-level technological experience. Simply plug in the USB like any other regular USB and access the information. The USB is made compatible with both MAC and Windows.

The USB is made super protective. It is actually a saltwater USB with a durable stainless steel clasp and a USB cover. The USB has a memory of 418 KB. The bracelet is suitable for all wrist sizes, it can be cut into required length. To cut the length, simply remove the clasp and cut the band with a sharp tool.

Great product with great value. Comparing it with other two bands, this band can store a lot of information. But there can be issues like data corruption and in availability of a computer device. The customers, yet, are satisfied with the smooth working and quality. With more than 140 reviews, this is surely a best seller.

Medical ID bands are life savers in emergencies. If you suffer from a life-threatening disease, you must consider to get such a device. Stay protected and careful with these bands.

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