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3 of the Best Medical Fracture Boots Available On Amazon

medical fracture boots

Fracture boots are known by a variety of names; Cast Boot, Aircast boots, walking cast, walkers and medical boots. These boots are especially designed for foot and ankle injuries. In case of a fracture or any serious injury, the patient is advised to rest his foot.

The later process of healing is to slightly start moving the foot and gradually come back to normal routine. Fracture boots find their usage in the later step and therefore, are a part of the treatment plan.

Fracture boots can either be non-inflated, pre-inflated or have an adjustable inflation option. In most cases, your doctor will advise what kind of boot you need to have.

Combined with the inflation difference,  medical fracture boots can also differ by the foot base. Some are wide without foam at the base and some have a memory foam at their base. Today, we have reviewed three of the best fracture boots available on Amazon.

United Surgical Short Air Cam Walker Fracture Boot

This united surgical short air cam walker shoe is listed among the Amazon’s best seller products. It is designed to help in the treatment of a variety of foot injuries such as sprains, soft tissue injuries, lower leg problems and ankle fractures.

The shoe is black in color and covers leg below the knee. This fracture boot is made from the highest quality material to provide better support to injured areas. The high quality material is also durable and suitable for many kind of surfaces. Molded upright plastics are used in the making of the shoe, the plastics are reinforced with spring steel for strength.

Suited for both men and women, these boots can bear up to 250 pounds of weight. Provides total foot support. Although the boot looks heavy duty, it is actually very lightweight to wear. Lightweight construction ensures superior comfort and convenience for injured foot. The insole is cushioned and shock absorbing.

Shock absorbing insole reduces the impact on the heel as the foot strikes the surface. The footbed is made wide. In case a patient is suffering from swollen foot (inflammation/edema) or having bandages, this fracture boot can easily accommodate the extra weight.

Provides a snug and comfortable wear. Aren’t all of these features exactly what you have been looking for! Another cool feature is the low-profile rocker bottom which allows you to effectively carry on the daily activities with minimal pain.

Offers a practical design. Get rid of your crutches and grab these Air Cam Walker shoes. You will be able to move around and enjoy daily life activities. Perfect for walking, do not sit or stand for too long while having these shoes. They are meant to keep you moving! Perfect sizing and fit. More than 1200 reviews by real customers. Check the out now.

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Aircast SP (Short Pneumatic) Walker Brace

AirCast shoes provide excellent support and mobility as you recover from your injury. Intended for pneumatic protection for everyday tasks. Like the previous shoe, it is also suited for a variety of injuries sprains, soft tissue injuries, forefoot and midfoot injuries, post-operative issues, and bunionectomies.

The shoes is off-white in color with two straps on its front. This shoe also covers the leg below the knees. The shoe can be worn on either the right or left leg. A great universal fit! Different sizes are available in the same design from small to extra-large and pediatric.

The sole of the shoe is made low rocker. Low rocker shoes gives a natural ambulation for increased mobility. Room for dressings and swollen foot is also made sure this boot. Never sacrifice your comfort and cheap quality shoes. The best feature about these boots is the hand bulb air pump which ensures that you get customized support experience. Different levels of support can be availed according to need.

This boot is called SP (Short Pneumatic) as it is short in height. The short height boot is wisely designed for people whose limb or calf circumference does not allow them to wear a long heighted boot.

There is a mix of air cells including a pre-inflated aircell and 2 adjustable Duplex air cells. The adjustable air cells can be individually inflated. Such a customized inflation maintain limb contact for better stability. Eases pressure on the foot and helps in graduated compression. It is recommended to be ordered in one size larger than your normal size.

Your partner in healthy recovery. People on Amazon have listed this as “simply the best”. Extremely comfortable to walk in. The strong quality of materials will surely ace you through the recovery plan.

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United Surgical Air Cam Walker Fracture Boot

Our third fracture boot is also from United Surgical. It has a long heighted shoe that will cover your leg till the knee. Comes in a solid black color with a pretty decent look. This boot consists of a medial/lateral air cell system which inflates both sides equally.

Like the other United Surgical boot, it is also made from a combination of molded upright plastic and steel. Lightweight construction makes the boot both easy to wear and walk in. The low profile rocker bottom promotes a natural step.

This long height of this shoe is particularly for cases where one is looking for better support in the lower leg such as for lower leg fractures. It is recommended to be ordered in one size smaller than your normal shoe size. The most interesting part highlighted in the reviews for this shoe is that it is far times cheaper than other shoes but still offers amazing support.

Very easy to wear, just open it up and undo the velcro, flap the ankle top protector and insert the foot inside, strap the velcros according to the tightness level you want, pump up the air cushion and do your tasks! Customers on Amazon have well liked its quality and working. A reasonable choice for your fractured foot with great reviews.

Enjoy a good support for your injured foots in an easy way. Helps you recover quickly and come back to routine. These best sellers are surely your way to speedy recovery.

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