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3 Best Rated Medical Hammers Available On Amazon

medical hammers

medical hammers

Medical hammers are used by practitioners to examine the reflexes which are of great significance for neurologists because they assist in detecting abnormalities in the central and peripheral parts of the nervous system.

While looking for a medical hammer, you need to consider a lot of points before buying this critical medical equipment. They are many medical sticks available in the market at different prices, with unique designs and usage. To help you choose the one that pays off each of your bucks by giving you the best quality you deserve, we have researched and brought to you three top-rated medical hammers on the basis of their brand, price, quality, and feedback of the customers.

The medical hammers that we are about to review are of each different brand that is MDF Tromner, Prestige and ADC Taylor. All three are designed to cater to all the requirements of the medical professionals in the best manner possible.

Let us have a look on them:


MDF Tromner is a handcrafted neurological reflex hammer. It is latex-free, which diminishes the risk of latex protein allergy. Furthermore, it comes with a lifetime warranty as well.

It consists of an extra-long and a lightweight handle that keeps the balance perfect and enables the user to have a good control over it without having to struggle much. Moreover, the ability of this 4 in 1 dual function reflex hammer to trigger the myotatic reflex that is caused in reaction to the stretching of the muscle, and cutaneous responses as well.

The head of the reflex hammer consists of mallets of different sizes which are made of soft silicone for defined muscle percussion. The zinc-alloy and chrome plated head provides a better balance to the hammer and enables a more comfortable usage than other hammers available in the market.

If you see the hammer carefully, there is a Babinski-style tip at the bottom of the handle which triggers the cutaneous reactions such as abdominal and plantar reflexes. There is also a built-in brush at the end of the handle which can be quickly removed to evoke the cutaneous reactions.

According to a lot of reviews, it is the best one found on Amazon for both adults and children. So buy the perfect MDF Tromner Reflex Hammer and get better results than ever before!

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If you are looking for a simple reflex hammer that is more durable and would cost you less, then Prestige Medical Taylor percussion hammer is what you need to buy. It is best for both professional and personal use.

This diagnostic hammer is best for testing fractures and reflexes. It is constructed in a way that it stays durable for a long time. It consists of a handle that is seven and a half ounce in weight and gives a good balance to the hammer. It is also comfortable to hold and control without any hassle. Furthermore, it has a triangular rubber head that is bright pink in color, making it look a little fancy and can be gifted to your friends and family, especially those who are a fan of this color.

Overall, it is a strong tool with better durability and usability. It is available at an excellent price on Amazon, easily affordable by anyone. It is highly recommended for nurses and other healthcare professionals due to its capability to last long enough saving your time and effort to buy another one any soon.

So buy this bright pink Prestige Medical Taylor percussion hammer and get the best durability while keeping a significant portion of your money safe!

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If you are allergic to latex and need a latex-free yet simple reflex hammer that is extremely affordable and easy to use, then American diagnostic Taylor neuro hammer is exactly what you need to get your hands on.

American diagnostic neuro hammer is not only simple and durable but also latex-free which eliminates the risk of getting any latex protein allergies. It is one of the most popular hammers among the nurses and healthcare providers. Furthermore, it consists of a lightweight handle that is made of metal and is flat making it easier to hold and use.

Head is attached to the handle which is made up of triangular synthetic rubber that gives the hammer a good balance. The head is made up of real rubber. Moreover, this reflex hammer also works great for students who are in a learning stage of reflex testing. It can also be added to your personal kit in case you ever need it.

So what are you waiting for? Buy the American diagnostic ADC Taylor neuro hammer and get the sturdy tool with zero latex that costs you as much as just a cup of coffee.

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Beth Martel

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