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3 Best Medical Shower Chairs for Disabled and Sick Available On Amazon

medical shower chairs

Shower medical chairs are a necessity for disabled, sick and elderly people. These chairs are especially designed to provide protection during showers and reduce the chance of injuries.

Hospitals and clinics usually have a few of these chairs stocked up for patients. If you are taking care of a chronic patient, have a physically challenged family member or elderly people at home you would need to have shower chair of your own.

Besides chairs, shower stools and benches are also available. But a chair is desired in most cases, since it gives back and arm support. A medical shower chair would lower your responsibility of moving and taking care of the person during shower.

Many different models and designs come in these chairs with variation in features; only the best three of these models have made it to our list. Here is more detail about them:

Drive Medical Premium Series Shower Chair

Drive Medical Premium shower chair is the best among our three best sellers. It is pure white in color with blue arms. The height is easily adjustable and increments 0.5 inches on each higher level. Adjustable height design provides a customized and flexible back support. A height indicator is included which makes adjustments quick and easy. Provides enhanced comfort and fits people of all ages and sizes. The back, arms and legs can be easily removed and the chair can be converted into a bench. This feature is particularly included to enable portability. No tools are required for removal.

The four feet are large and stable. These feet are non-slip in nature. Non-slip feet guarantees safety of the patients in watery washrooms/restrooms. Overall, the chair is very lightweight and comfortable. Self-empowers the disabled and sick by providing them extreme comfort. Provides a safe, carefree and pleasant bathing experience. Particularly designed keeping the needs of the disabled in mind. Along with ensuring mobility, this shower chair also helps in balancing entry and exit from the shower.

Ideal for people who have undergone an operation or surgery. Helps in rehabilitation. Solid and firm support. The chair can be very easily put together and disassembled on choice. The disassembled product can be contained in a box and therefore be handy in transport. Wise dimensions are selected; do not worry if you have a narrow tub, this Drive Medical chair would easily fit inside. Lightweight to carry but sturdy and strong during use.

More than 1500 positive reviews by real customers on Amazon. The only critique is about the non-adjustable armrests. If the arms rests are made adjustable than the existing support level would be further enhanced.

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Tool-free Spa Bathtub Adjustable Shower Chair

Sit and shower with relaxation in this adjustable shower chair. The back of the chair can be removed and it can be converted into a bench. The surface of the bench has slight perforations that drain the water and does not allow water to collect for a long time. The chair is white in color with removable back and no arm rests. The seat of the chair is anti-bacterial and therefore offers hygienic sit along with comfort. Great for people with limited mobility to enjoy a comfortable shower experience.

The chair is both durable and secure. The latest model of the chair (2016 model) is made with heavy duty anodized aluminum frame with high weight holding capacity of 300 lbs (most chairs can only hold 250 lbs). The aluminum frame is durable but lightweight at the same time. The frame is also corrosion proof. The legs of the leg are especially designed for protection; tilted at a perfect angle and has non-skid rubber coverings. These features work to distribute the user’s weight evenly making the experience super safe and stable.

Like the previous chair, the height of this chair can be adjusted as per desire. The chair is versatile in the sense it can be easily disassembled and packed for moving. Built in side handles allow you to easily lift the chair. The package comes with all the pieces which can be put together in no time.

Users on Amazon have called it as an excellent product. A great buy for people who have underwent an operation or have permanent disability. Taking shower was never this easy.

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JCMASTER Shower Chair

This JCMASTER shower chair is another excellent quality product for disabled people. It has a removable and adjustable back and has no arm rests, its design is more like the second chair in review. However, the color is slightly creamish. It is more like a bench designed with a back. The seat has drainage holes which make it no slip. An additional quality of this chair is that it is made from 100% recycled material.

Therefore, it is environmentally friendly.

The seat can be adjusted within the range of 13.98-20.87 inches. The chair is ideally designed to be used in shower. People who want to use the chair in bath tub should first measure the size of their tub to avoid any inconvenience.

The bath seat is framed with aluminum. The aluminum construction makes the chair both light and durable at the same time. Ensures maximum safety in the bathroom. This chair is different in providing flexible legs. The legs of this JCMASTER shower chair can also be adjusted to suit desire height. Care should be observed in assembling the chair. Untightened or loosely tightened screws can increase your risk of falling.

Let’s you have a safe and stable shower. With more than a 100 positive reviews about the product, it is a definitely a good pick. Check out on Amazon.

Efficient, comfortable and safe; these chairs have all the features that a sick or disabled person would require for a pleasant bathing experience. Bathing gives relaxation and a feeling of freshness, so get your dear ones out of stress by giving them a tension free bathing experience. Buy one of these chairs now!

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