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3 Best Micro Scissors For Utility Purpose Available On Amazon

micro scissors

Micro scissors are used in the medical industry usually in surgical operation for cutting soft, delicate tissues. Micro scissors are also used in the fabric industry for cutting threads such as in sewing and embroidery tasks. These scissors are a great tool for tailors and fashion designers.

Micro scissors do not have any right or left loops. So, all surgeons, irrespective of being righty or lefty, can use these scissors. This feature makes a micro scissor an essential part of the operation room.

Micro scissors are used in cutting through organs and removing malfunctioned (dead or abnormal) tissue. Different kinds of micro scissors are available. A particular micro scissor is selected depending upon the type of the organ and the nature of the surgery.

Micro scissors are sharp and extremely precise. Their small size makes them perfect to be used for small areas. These micro scissors have the property of shearing which produces specific cuts.  Micro scissors can be sharp or blunt or curved. Three of the best micro scissors for utility purpose available on Amazon are:

Curved Iris Scissors with Spring

These curved micro scissors by SE are silver in color and have a reasonable length of 4.75 inches. The tip of the scissors is slightly curved for fast snipping. The design of the scissors enables efficient and safe handling.

These scissors are made from stainless steel in Pakistan. A country which is famous for producing high-quality steel instruments. The gripping of these micro scissors is made further easy by knurling. The product is highly recommended for household and other utility functions. Many customers have reported to use these micro scissors for machine embroidery and sewing related tasks.

These scissors come in neat and new transparent packaging. The package protects the scissors during transport. However, the package is easy to tear off and does not require any special effort.

The SE SP46C scissors are great for precision sniping. Using these scissors for your tasks will ensure detailed finishing of the product. The blades are sharp and are tightly fit together for producing cuts. Unlike many standard scissors, the SE SP46C scissors have a unique spring opening system. The spring opening system gives quick cuts and also helps in repetitive snipping. The spring system also allows the user to use the scissors with either hands.

The blades of the SP46C scissors are slightly curved at the end. The curve in the blades enables the user to cut comfortably even on flat surfaces without any damage. The price of these scissors is also very economical. New people learning embroidery or dealing with fabric cuts are highly recommended to get one pair.

Micro Scissors-4.5 inches-Straight

These Micro scissors by 610 products are 4.5 inches in length. These scissors serve multiple purposes. It is made of high-quality stainless steel. The steel used in the item is long lasting. The scissors can be washed or cleaned after use but they will not lose their shine.

The scissor is ideal to be used on tight areas where fine cuts are required. The design of the scissors is simple yet unique. Ideal for cutting threads e.g. in embroidery or stitching. They give a seamless finish to fabrics. If your mother or grand-mother likes to sew often then this can be the next present for her.

The tip of these snippers is sharp. They can also be used to cut facial hair e.g. on nose, upper lips or just giving a neat brow look. The size of the scissors is small so will easily fit in your regular sewing kit set. Also can be carried in bag from one place to another. Flooded with 5 starred reviews on Amazon. These scissors are a must try.

Micro Serrated Blade Edge Embroidery Scissors

Spring Action Serrated Edge Snips by ThreadNanny are made of high grade stainless steel from Germany. These scissors are perfect to be used for stitches or producing fine edges of threads hanging from clothes. These snips can be used efficiently by both right handed and left handed people.

The Spring Action Eazy snips are extremely light in weight. This feature reduces fatigue during prolonged use. The size of these snips is only 4.5 inches so you can easily carry it with you during travel or transport.

These snips by ThreadNanny have no loops. Therefore, making them very handy. The user does not need to stick his fingers through the loop. To use these snips, the user has to pick them up from the package and aim at whatever needs to be cut specifically. Just squeeze the snips on the required location and the cut would be produced.

The blades of the ThreadNanny Spring Action Snips are serrated. These serrations in the thread allow the user to produce the cut as closely as possible. Therefore, avoiding any unnecessary cuts or damage.

The spring action of these snips is an added advantage. It gives fast and precise cuts. These snips are recommended for professionals who aim at neat finishing of their pieces. The sharpness of the blades is long lasting.  The blades have a slight curved point which further makes the cutting very easy and safe.

Besides being used for shearing stitches and in embroidery, the ThreadNanny Spring Action Eazy Snips are also great for trimming your pet’s hair. The price is totally worth the quality.

Small and constricted areas are difficult to cut. Many a times we need to have perfect cuts to give a neat finish whether it is about stitches on the body or the fabric. These three great scissors will never let you down. Make sure to stock your cabinet with one of these soon.


Beth Martel

Beth Martel

Beth Martel is a mother of two, a medical professional and a humanitarian. In her free time, she loves to read books and spend time with her family.

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