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4 Best Mid-Calf Boots with Heels for Women

mid calf boots with heels for women

Different types of boots are in fashion. Mid-calf boots have the distinct advantage that they work equally well in all four seasons. The heel is the prime weakness of women. Mid-calf boots are introduced with heels to add style to it. Boots with heels is a fantastic combo. These boots have all the perks of boots and heels. These boots are trendiest in fashion. You can wear them with a variety of outfits.

Have a look at the very best.

Womens Mid Calf Boots Strappy Buckle Accent Stacked Heel Shoes KSC-WB-M30

These boots are available in three colors like black, brown and gray.

These boots are made with synthetic material. Synthetic material imparts boots with the elasticity which makes shoes very comfortable in the calf region. Synthetic material is also lightweight which makes it easier to carry around.

These boots have a rubber sole. The rubber sole provides traction. It makes these boots slip resistant and water resistant. You can wear these boots without having to worry about skidding and falling.

The rubber sole also offers ample breathability. The rubber sole is perforated. You can wear these boots for a long time.

The platform measures approximately 0.25 inches. There is a 3 inches block heel.

A zipper is provided at the side. It makes these boots easier to put on and off.

A strappy buckle is provided to enhance grip and fitting.

Strappy buckle and zipper add to the style of these boots.

Insole with cushion is provided for comfort. This supple insole keeps your foot cozy and snug. It doesn’t let your feet get hurt.  

These boots are available at an affordable price.

You should be careful while placing the order; should order the correct size.

High heel with boots gives a trendy look. You will look gorgeous while wearing these heels and attract attention.

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Summerwhisper Women’s Sexy Rhinestone Round Toe Stiletto High Heel Platform Mid-Calf Boots

These sexy boots project a classic voguish look.

These boots are available in three colors: black, beige and white.

They are made with synthetic material. The synthetic material makes these boots elastic and flexible in the calf region. It makes these boots comfortable.

The shaft measures 7.5 inches from the arch. The platform measures 0.75 inches.

The heel height is approximately 3.5 inches.

Rhinestone decoration adds to the charm of the boots and imparts it with an exquisite style. It gives an elegant look to the wearer.

Stiletto heel projects a sexy look. The platform is very comfortable. The toe is round shaped.

The upper is made with vegan synthetic leather. These boots are high-quality. The durability of these boots is commendable. These boots are long-lasting. You can use them for years.

The sole is made up of rubber. The rubber sole makes these heels slip resistant. It enhances the grip of boots on the ground.

One more advantage of rubber sole is its breathability. There are ventilation holes inside the heel for breathability.

The breathability of these boots is high. You can wear these heels for a long time. The vent holes keep feet dry.

As these boots are very trendy, it gets easier to match these boots with different outfits in different occasions.

You can enjoy your parties with confidence and ease in these mid-calf boots.

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Maggie-38 Women Knee High Kitty Heels Wide Shaft Boots

These boots are available in two colors in black and brown.

These boots are made with synthetic material. Synthetic material is lightweight. It gives flexibility to the calf area. That’s why these boots are very comfortable to wear and walk in.

The heel measures approximately 2.5 inches. The circumference is 12 ¾ inches.

The shaft measures 15 ½ inches.

The upper is made with faux suede. Faux suede is stain resistant and water resistant. The durability of faux suede is good. It does not peel or fade easily. You can buy these boots for long term usage.

The sole is made of manmade material.  The sole offers grip on the ground and avoid falling and slipping. These boots can be bought at an affordable price.

A slouchy design adds style to these knee-high boots.

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Codify Floyee-S Women’s Mid Calf Slouchy Buckle Decorative Boots, Black Faux Suede

No products for "B072KKFKTK" found.

These beautiful boots are available in black color.

These boots are made with synthetic material. Synthetic material has the qualities of lightweight, high durability, and good breathability. It is easier to move around in these boots. It also makes these boots cost effective.

The heel measures approximately 2.5 inches.  The shaft length is 14.5 inches including heel. The top circumference is 15 inches.

These boots are made in china.

The construction of these boots is pulled on. It makes these boots easy to put on and off. There is no zipper available.

Two slouchy buckles are present on these boots.

The toe of these boots is almond shaped. It looks very appealing.

It fits true to the size. So you should place an order carefully.

These boots are captivating and attract attention.

These can be used for casual outdoor activities as well as for formal occasions.

All these mid-calf boots with heels have interesting designs. You can wear them on formal and informal occasions. Their alluring designs catch attention. These boots are soft, comfortable, durable and breathable.

Just find the right size for yourself and adorn your feet with these sexy boots.

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