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How to Choose Best Nipple Shields for Breastfeeding

nipple shields

Most of the mothers need practice with breastfeeding. They can get a little guidance from an experienced helper but the latch-on problem is still common. If this problem does not go away for some time and makes it difficult to breastfeed, most of the mothers are recommended to use nipple shields.

This is a product made of soft and thin silicon material. The breast is protected by the use of nipple shield when the baby is really small and having difficulty with feeding. Some of the features and benefits of best nipple shields for breastfeeding are presented in this article.

nipple shields

Correct size

The size of the shield should be according to the mouth of baby. These shields are available in multiple sizes and some are really big. So according to the age and size of baby, the shield size is selected. Otherwise the baby will have difficulty in catching the nipple tip with his mouth.

The adequate milk is not drawn if the size is not appropriate. Some newborn sized shields are available that are best for the newly born children. Along with the size, multiple textures are also available so that the baby will be better able to suck with soft material.

Protecting milk supply

The amount of milk taken by the baby should be controlled. If the baby is weak and small and cannot suck the milk properly, it will definitely have negative effect on the amount of milk supplied.

So, the best way is to empty breasts by the use of pump to make sure there is no milk remaining. This should be done until the person is sure about the stability of milk supply. If the supply is stable it means that the baby is getting enough milk and his growth rate is appropriate.

Advantages of nipple shields

These nipple shields are basically used to overcome the latch-on problem. There are some premature babies for whom mother’s milk is important and they do not know about the coordinate with the bare breast of the mother. In such situation the nipple shields help a lot in making breastfeeding easy for both the child and mother.

If the nipple is placed on top of breast the challenges are addressed appropriately. This basically overcomes all the problems mothers face with breastfeeding in the early age of a child when the breastfeeding is really important for the health of child.

Some negative aspects

Although nipple shield provides a lot of benefits but some of the cons that can create issues are also present. Sometimes the baby is not getting enough milk with the breastfeeding even when the milk supply of mother is sufficient for the baby.

Due to this, if enough milk is not taken from the mother’s breast, the milk supply can decrease over time that is why a pump should be used to drain milk from the breast after feeding. Also, sometimes the baby becomes really dependent on the shields that weaning them off from them becomes really difficult. So nipple shields should be used with care.

Beth Martel

Beth Martel

Beth Martel is a mother of two, a medical professional and a humanitarian. In her free time, she loves to read books and spend time with her family.

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