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3 Best Home Essential Oils Diffusers for Aromatherapy

the avaspot

There are a lot of different ways you can use essential oils. Some oils are great applied directly to the skin, others you can consume with food but most people prefer to use a diffuser.

The benefits of putting oils into a diffuser are that you can get have aromatherapy throughout the house all day. If you suffer from sleep deprivation, hay fever or a stuffy/blocked nose using the diffuser overnight can help clear your sinus and you will get a good night’s sleep.

This article will show you the best essential oils diffusers for your home however another great diffuser you can buy is a car diffuser.

Where to get your oils

There are a lot of different essential oil companies where you can buy oils from. When recommend only buying top quality organic oils which have been tested for purity.

If you are going on a long journey and want to keep the kids calm or have a fresh aroma we highly recommend checking out a car diffuser.

Where is the best place to buy a diffuser?

There are many places to buy diffusers like Walmart or Wholefoods but if you want one delivered to your door we recommend Amazon.

Often the prices on Amazon are cheaper than most department stores and you get the same quality product.

Why not buy an Oil Burner?

Oil burners are an alternative to diffusers for essential oils. Some people prefer using oil burners as they are quite fun to use. However, if you are serious about getting the full benefits of your oils using a diffuser is a better way to use oils.

An oil burner heats the oil to a temperature where the oils lose their therapeutic properties and won’t give you the full benefit.

Top 3 Essential Oil Diffusers for Your Home

1 – The Avaspot

the avaspot

This is a really cool looking diffuser as the mist comes out of a blue top giving it an appealing look.

The wooden finish makes it perfect for any household and will fit in with you home design.

Run time is from 6-8 hours. This is great if you want to use it overnight or for extended periods during the day.

The price is very good at only $17. This is a real bargain for a quality diffuser.

The tank is 250ml so it can hold a fair bit.

2 – Nakhal


This is a very appealing diffuser and sells really well due to its bright colors.

For strong mist this diffuser runs for 5hrs and weak mist for 10hrs. This is great if you need a diffuser for extended use.

This also has a 7 multi color function. That means it will change color will it’s being used. A lot of people who own this really like that feature.

3 – Urpower


This is a very stylish diffuser which will look great in any room. It has a natural bamboo finish and a food grade tank.

It doesn’t have the same duration as the previous two diffusers and will give you 3hrs on continuous mist and 8hrs on interval.

Most people do appreciate the option of having longer duration so they can use the diffuser overnight.

All of the diffusers mentioned above have auto shut off so when the water runs out they turn off.

Which of the top 3 should I choose?

Before buying one of the diffusers above think about your situation and why you need aromatherapy in your home or office.

If you just want to freshen up the place and enjoy the smell then one with a shorter running time is fine.

If just want it to look cool in your home the bamboo one with the lights display is very impressive.

If you are buying a diffuser for the full aromatherapy benefits then choosing one that can stay on for a long time is the best idea.

Getting into essential oils can have a lot of health advantages. Have fun on your essential oil journey!


Beth Martel

Beth Martel

Beth Martel is a mother of two, a medical professional and a humanitarian. In her free time, she loves to read books and spend time with her family.

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