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3 Best-Selling Primers for Oily Skin Available On Amazon

primers for oily skin

Primer is a relatively new makeup addition by the experts in their makeup tutorials and routines. Primer basically gives a smooth finish to your make up and it makes it even long lasting. It effectively blurs or removes fine lines and wrinkles, therefore preparing your skin for makeup application.

Most people who are unaware of the magic working of a primer will not think about buying it as a makeup essential. However, with the current trends and changes in makeup application as set by the experts, a primer is seen as the one of the basic steps for using foundation on your face.

For oily skin types, makeup primer becomes even important. Oily skins tend to have large pores. Primers are designed to minimize and seal the pores. Large pores on the skin become quite visible after application of a foundation which brings your whole expensive, favorite makeup fall to level zero. Yet if you use a primer, it guarantees to take care of your pro look. Primers seal all pores and create a kind of a smooth layer on your skin. There are two kinds of primers available i.e. water based primers and silicone based primers. We have listed three of the best-selling primers for oily skin available on Amazon:

Makeup Primer by Eclipse

Makeup Primer by Eclipse is the best oil free serum suited for oily skin types. It is made in USA and has a combination of ingredients which smooth out your complexion and gives the skin a silky feeling. The application of this primer on your face before foundation will blur the wrinkles and lines, elderly women having aging skin can also use this product to hide the wrinkles on their face.

The formula used in the making of the product is long-lasting, it can go all day long under your makeup. It has a liquid texture that literally feels like silk in your hands. It does not feel heavy on the skin making it extremely lightweight and an everyday product. Using it before the application of your regular foundation will give your skin a flawless finish. With this primer product in your hands, you will not need to put effort in applying your foundation. Foundation application will become easy as you would not even need a brush or an applicator for blending the product (as your skin has already smooth-ed using ECLIPSE primer).

Gives a beautiful and youthful skin, no wonder people are going to turn their hands as you walk through the way. It is a silicone based primer as many of its ingredients are synthetic such as Polysilicone-II. It comes in a 15 ml bottle having the company name printed on the name.

Let your skin get this pure and ultimate experience, having wonderful 5-starred customer reviews on Amazon. Check it out now!

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Smashbox Photo Finish OIL

Smashbox Photo Finish Primer is an oil free primer having a tube like availability. Each tube has a 25ml of the product present in it. It is a water based primer so people who prefer a water based primer should have a look at it on Amazon.

When applied on oily skin, it absorbs the extra oils and mattes your skin to provide a smooth finish. It has certain light diffusers used in its making, these light diffusers provide a silky, kissable look to your face. Your imperfections would be hidden. The product is also enriched with Vitamin C and peptides. Vitamin C and peptides even your skin and also encourage collagen production which tightens your facial skin and delay aging.

Besides being made from healthy ingredients, it is also made free from any chemicals which may harm the skin such as useless colorants, fragrances, oils and parabens.

For application, make sure your face is clear and without any dirt or unwanted particles. After cleaning the face, pat to dry it and moisturize. The primer will follow your moisture layer. Finally apply your foundation and top the look with your favorite products.

The tube is small in size so women can carry it anywhere. Your travel safe makeup partner. The customers on Amazon have reported excellent results with the product being used on their faces. Yet, some customers have suggested to increase the size of the product. Let’s hold tight to see some new versions while we enjoy this incredible one.

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Clinique Super Universal Face Primer

Clinique Primer can be used by people with combination oily skin. Clinique is a worldwide trusted name for personal care products and this primer is also example of one great product by the company. It also comes in a tube like packaging with each tube containing 1 ounce of the product. The tube is silver-white in color and has a simple, decent design.

Clinique primer is specifically designed for casual wear and everyday use. You can use it after applying your basic moisturizer. On daily basis, you can apply it just under your BB cream or foundation.

Customers on Amazon have reported this primer as the best one any person can use for his/her oily skin. Once you start using this Clinique primer, you will realize the difference.

Most primers for combination/oily skin are poorly designed and do not completely address the issues faced by these skin types. But Clinique Primer has been wisely designed to understand your real makeup struggles.

A great product for the mentioned skin types available in a great price on Amazon. Real and amazing customer reviews. Highly recommended for casual use.

Do you love your makeup routine but want it to be more polished? The answer is in buying a primer. It will make your life easier! So check out these wonderful goodies. I hope you enjoyed our list of best primers for oily skin.

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