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3 Best Rated Raptor Scissors for Incisive Procedures Available on Amazon

raptor scissors

The concept of raptor scissors was originated about 3000-4000 years ago. The need was felt when the primitives needed something to cut through sharp and thick materials e.g. cloth or silver. The raptor scissors facilitate the cutting process so the user has self-control to maintain the size and direction of the cut.

While having many applications, raptor scissors are commonly used for medical purposes. Medical professionals see the raptor scissors as a vital tool for fast cutting of dressings, straps, clothing, and gauze. Different kinds of scissors are available in the market, yet choosing the best raptor scissor is critical as they are to be used in emergency situations and crucial surgeries.

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Some best-selling raptor scissors are discussed to help you identify which one to spend money on:

Leatherman – Raptor Scissors

Leatherman- Raptor scissors combines six tools in its design. It is made to cut through cloth, straps, jewelry items, oxygen tank and glass. The ability to tear apart many materials make Leatherman-Raptor scissors the first choice for rescue workers. These scissors are made of high- quality stainless steel. The high carbon stainless steel material allows incising high production tools. The steel strength is further optimized by intense heat treatment.

The strength of the carrying handle is improved by adding small sized glass fibers. These glass fibers not only increase durability but also make the scissors tensile. The Leatherman-Raptor scissors despite being multi-purpose are light weight to carry and can be easily folded by turning around to fit the size of a pocket. The package also includes a holster. The scissors can be folded into the holster and it can be worn on belt or under the arm.

The Leatherman raptor scissors are designed through the input of professionals from various industries such as EMTs and fire professionals. This fact makes these scissors suitable to be used in the respective specialized industries. The Leatherman raptor scissors come with a 25-year warranty. These raptor scissors can cut through almost all the things one can encounter in the operating field. The design is kept simple which ensures that the scissors work quickly and critical emergency situations are not complicated.

The edges are serrated which holds the material for a fast cut providing a sharp cut finish. The blades are also calibrated so the user exactly knows the length of cut produced. The shears are powerful and do not require extra effort to produce the results. Recommended for first aid and rescue workers.

PhysiciansCare Raptor Scissor

The PhysiciansCare Titanium Bonded Bandage Shears are 7 inches and have a blunt tip. The blunt tip protects the user from injuries while cutting. The scissor can be safely placed close to the patient to remove or cut through the bandage or clothing. The shears are yet sharp enough to cut most materials.

The blades are made of strong titanium, which does not wear away easily and therefore the instrument is long lasting. The shape of the blades slightly lift them while cutting, this feature is most desirable for cutting bandages. The titanium bond on the blades can cut off sticky stuff e.g. blooded clothes or bandages and does not pick up any residue. Physicians Care 7” scissors can be used on fabric, athletic tape, and durable cloth medical tape.

The scissor handle is gray and yellow in color. Although it is not completely padded still very comfortable to use. Grey part is plastic and yellow part is made of rubber. Rubber material does not let the scissor slip off from the hands during use. The finger holes are large enough so on average a person can put three fingers into it.

The shears are extremely easy to clean if they get any blood, sweat or puss on them. Saline water, alcohol or bleach used in washing the shears will not cause rusting or color change. The shears require a bit of effort to open; this is to prevent accidental opening and increase protection.

PhysiciansCare bonded bandage shears are a perfect addition to a first aid kit box. Unique color and different design. You won’t face any difficulty figuring out that it is yours.

Clauss Titanium Bonded Bent Snips

Titanium Bonded Bent Snips are three times stronger than commonly available stainless steel raptors. The titanium material is adhesion resistant and does not corrode away easily. The blades have a bent shape which eases cutting through fabric and bandage material. The shear blades can even cut through denim zippers and thick leather jackets. The serrations on the shears hold the material tight while cutting. The grip is also nice and intact.

The Clauss Titanium Bonded Snips can be used in offices for establishing high tech setups such as lying wires, at workshops and trauma facility departments in the healthcare industry. These snips come with a lifetime warranty and once bought do not need to be repaired or replaced. The snips do not bend or get damaged during use.

The holding part is made of rubber material providing a very comfortable hold of the snips. The pivot is durably fixed and does not break. If in any case, it gets loose the user can easily fasten through a hammer.

These snips come in a perfect size and can be carried anywhere in the backpack or small pocket case. The sheer quality is highly suitable for emergency situations where fast and effective cutting through the materials is required.

The raptor scissors are no doubt a valuable tool for emergency workers. Used in multiple industries, the raptor scissors should be reliable, fast cutting and should have an extended life. Not only useful for the medical and rescue staff, raptors are also a great tool for some tasks at home and workplace, you would not realize the importance unless you actually have it!

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Beth Martel

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