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3 of the Best-Selling Shoulder Bandages Available On Amazon

shoulder bandages

Injuries are a part of every healthy person’s life. There can be multiple causes of injuries. Common injuries can occur in joints of arms, legs, head, pelvic and the pectoral region. A shoulder joint is particularly is specifically more susceptible to injuries. A relatively greater range of motion occurs around a shoulder joint.

The causes of shoulder pain normally include; rotator cuff strain, glenoid labrum tear, shoulder instability, AC joint injury, frozen shoulder. The pain in the shoulder may be temporary or may continue for a long period of time. However, the first line of treatment for shoulder injuries is given by “P.R.I.C.E”. Where C stands for compression of the shoulder by means of a shoulder support. 90% of the patients experiencing shoulder pain report to feel relief in pain through simple exercise, rest and compression.

A shoulder bandage is an inexpensive treatment for treatment of stressed or injured shoulders. Shoulder bandage is of different shapes and sizes. Let’s review some of the best-selling shoulder bandages on Amazon:

Neo G Medical Grade VCS Shoulder Support

Neo G Medical Grade VCS Shoulder Support is a blue color, very decent looking bandage. The bandage is made of heat therapeutic neoprene material. The bandage has an adjustable strap making both tight and light compression possible.

The user can adjust the straps according to the extent of compression required. A comfort pad is also included in the bandage design. The comfort pad makes the bandage very comfortable to wear. The user does not experience any stress or burden while wearing the bandage.

The size of the product is universal. One size fits everyone. So it can passed on to your friends or family who are in need. As shoulder injuries can happen randomly to anyone. This shoulder support by Neo-G is also unisex. The product supports both hot and old disc therapy.

The Neo-G shoulder support is a choice of professionals and athletes. It is recognized by Regulatory Agency UK as a first class medical device. The product is recommended for treating rector cuff injuries, common muscle strains, shoulder instability and tendonitis.

If the Neo-G shoulder support is used with heat therapy, it provides compression and a warming relief to the shoulder joint. The Neo-G shoulder support does not restrict movement of the shoulder. So, the person can take part in the daily life activities.

The support stabilizes the joint muscle and reduces pain from the tendons and ligaments. The Neo-G shoulder support can also be worn in case of shoulder joint dislocation. The people who have undergone a shoulder surgery can also use this support for increased for aiding recovery.

The product has excellent quality and great price. Simple wear and good for prolonged use.

Master of Muscle Kinesiology Tape

This tape by “Master of Muscle” is different as compared to the conventional shoulder supports. It is actually a multipurpose bandage; can be used for knee, upper and lower back and various shoulder injuries. It is also referred to as the “Beast Tape”.

“Beast Tape” is perfect to be used by sports person. It can be used for protection when running, swimming, boxing, tennis, body building etc. It provides next level support and improved healing. Usually sports bandages and athletic tapes restrict the affected area. Beast Tape is unique in this aspect, it provides protection and support at the same time. The muscles can move with reasonable flexibility. Blood circulation is also not stopped.

The Beast Tape by Master of Muscle is also sweat proof. Most bandages become sticky as a result of sweat during workouts and sports. The Beast Tape is designed to be heat activated adhesive and waterproof; it provides quick healing to the affected area. The users have reported to experience relief within 3 days of use.

The bandage is also latex free. People with latex allergies can wear the beast tape without any fear. Beast Tape can suit everyone as it does not require any pre-cuts.

Overall, the Beast tape is 2 inches wide and 15.4 inches in length. It is rolled on a cylindrical roll and can be easily cut into the required size. A must buy if you are an athlete or a person strictly following the workout routine.

McDavid 463 Shoulder Support

The McDavid Shoulder Support is easy to wear and can be used against shoulder pulls and strains. It comes with an adjustable hook and loop closure straps. This Shoulder Strap by McDavid is latex free in nature. Therefore, it is suitable to be worn by everyone.

The McDavid Shoulder band is ideal for thermal or compression therapy. The design of the support makes it very light weight. The person can wear it for longer periods of time. The support makes recovery from the injury quick and easy. It gives improved performance. It can be worn on either shoulder, so can be used multiple times.

This support comes in various sizes. People with both broad and petite shoulders can use this support. It also has an adjustable strap, women can adjust the strap of the support above or below their chest. The material of the support is high in quality ensuring comfort of the user. It has a unique, advanced moisture management technology which ensures that the user warm and dry.

The sizing information about the support is quite accurate, the customers do not feel problems of choosing the wrong size. Extremely therapeutic, you must not miss on this one.

Shoulder supports not only provide relief but also fasten the healing process. Shoulder bandages are one of the basic measures for shoulder support management. If you choose the right shoulder support, you are likely to experience comfort and be ahead of your fellows both at work and personal life.

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