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3 Best-Selling Stethoscopes For Nurses Available On Amazon

Doctors, Nurses and medical professionals require many important tools on a day to day basis. A Stethoscope is one of the basic equipment needed by these people.

Stethoscope is an acoustic device, it helps in listening to the internal sounds of the body. It comes in a standard shape having two ear pieces and a chest piece. The earpieces are to be plugged into the ears of the worker (doctor/nurse etc) and the chest piece has to be put on the chest or abdomen (or any other body part e.g. heart or lung) of the patient.

Looking for the right stethoscope may prove as a real challenge. Everyone wants the best quality in the best price. Therefore, we have reviewed three best stethoscopes available for Nurses on Amazon. Read below to discover:

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ProLabs+ #1 Professional Stethoscope For Nurses

This Stethoscope is a best seller in the stethoscopes category on Amazon. It is made up of high quality stainless steel material. The product comes in neat packaging and is perfect in the given price. One of the advantages of getting this Prolabs Professional Stethoscope is that you get extra pieces with the package; there is a set of replacement diaphragm and a pair of ear buds.

The ear tip replacement for these stethoscopes is also super easy because of the unique threaded tips design. The PVC tubing used in the design of this stethoscope is black in color and is non-toxic as well as odour less. The odour free and non-toxic nature makes it a preferred choice of most nursing professionals. There is also an inner spring system with the PVC tubing.

Although being high on quality, the Prolabs Professional Stethoscope is inexpensive. The reason being sensible printing choices and economical packaging. No extra or fancy designs to increase the costs.

Prolabs Professional Stethoscope has an inner swivel click joint that functions to save the diaphragm from sudden damage. The stethoscope is also easy to use. The user just needs to click and push the chest piece in the forward direction.  

This amazing product just weighs a few ounces. Therefore, shipment and carriage is also not a problem with this stethoscope. The PVC tubing is easy to clean which makes this stethoscope long lasting and durable.

It is a great gift for professionals and students who are in there way to work in the medical industry. Do check out this amazing product on Amazon.

MABIS Nurse Stethoscope for Examining Kids and Adults

This is a high demand stethoscope among the nurses. The MABIS Lightweight Nurse Stethoscope comes in a variety of colors. The attractive colors add a touch of style to your office look. The color also helps the user to easily identify his stethoscope from the others.

It is extremely simple to use. So, if you have small children around that frequently counter common colds and fever then this stethoscope is a great choice to have. Many people use it at homes for themselves and their loved ones.  

The sound quality of this MABIS Lightweight Nurse Stethoscope is great. The user can even focus on the sound when there is considerable unwanted noise. Therefore, no doubt, this stethoscope is guaranteed to keep you higher of your fellows. Keep them promotions coming!

The MABIS Lightweight Nurse Stethoscope is made of chrome plated brass and aluminum chest piece. Both of these materials used in the making give this stethoscope an exquisite look. You certainly do not want to miss this one!

The package of the MABIS Lightweight Nurse Stethoscope also has some additional mushroomed ear tips and a spare diaphragm. So, if the original parts are missing you can still use the Stethoscope without any worry.

The Y-shaped tubing is composed of vinyl and has a reasonable length of 22 inches. The size is perfect to let you work with comfort and focus on your patient’s acoustic sounds. The total length of the product is 30 inches.

This MABIS Lightweight Nurse Stethoscope is well made and durable. The product has 5 star reviews by many customers.

Nurse Mates TimeScope Stethoscope

The Nurse Mates TimeScope Stethoscope is chrome plated having a 22 inches y-tubing. The color of the ear tips is coordinated with a color of the tubing. This makes this stethoscope really cool to use and wear. It is available in a range of popular colors. So the user can order the color they like.

The Nurse Mates Stethoscope has replacement ear tips and diaphragm. If you are a nurse and have to deal with a lot of people at a single time then these additional pieces within the package will never let you down in emergency situations.

The material used in the manufacturing of these stethoscopes is latex free. Latex free nature allows every person to use these without worry. No allergies or skin itching issues.

This stethoscope also has a timepiece made of crystal glass. The time piece is easy to read and further lets the worker to work efficiently. The time setting step is also easy and can be understood easily from the manual provided along with. All the nurses having the Nurse Mates TimeScope Stethoscope can work without wearing their wrist watch and feel light during work.
Such features definitely pave way to better care of patients and make you stand out from the average nurses.

Whether you are a entry level nurse or a professional having years of experience, you certainly want something that is reliable and easy to use. These stethoscopes are a great choice for everyone. Each has a unique feature that may help you work more efficiently with your patients and get better results.

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