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3 of the Best Rated Surgical Trays Available On Amazon

surgical trays

A surgical tray is a commonly used instrument in medical settings. As evident from the name, a surgical tray is required during excision surgery operations.

During surgeries the doctors have to use instruments of different kinds, to keep them organized in sensitive medical settings, a surgical tray is used. Surgical trays are usually made of stainless steel and have a rectangular shape.

Although the size is variable, but is kept large enough to accommodate surgical tools.

A surgical tray serves as the starting point for many surgeons to start their surgery practice. It also enables the professionals to work efficiently and comfortably in emergency situations.

Grafco 3258 Instrument Tray

The Grafco Instrument Tray is made of high quality stainless steel. It has a comparatively large height, the design of the tray allows for easy accommodation of all the necessary surgical tools. The increased height provides extra safety, the tools perfectly fit inside and do not fall.

The Tray comes without a cover which makes the tray lightweight and easy to handle. The tray can be easily washed or cleaned to remove any blood stains or unwanted material on its surface. High quality steel used in its manufacturing does not wear away or rust during wash. Therefore, the tray fulfills all the hygiene requirements of a particular medical environment.

The price of the product is quite economical. So, both individual practicing and hospital based surgeons can afford it. The tray comes in new packaging. The covered corners of the tray make it easy to transport to long distances. The surgeons can also carry it with themselves to remote locations without the fear of getting it damaged.

The dimensions of the tray are set keeping the requirements of most medical professionals in mind. The Grafco 3258 Instrument tray has a nice med heavy construction. Long lasting and durable.

Stainless Steel Surgical Tray instrument

One of the best-selling stainless steel trays presented by Ajanta on Amazon. The tray has the conventional steel color and medium size. The size is enough to carry all the essential medical instruments in it.

Usually the cover of the surgical trays is not used. Hence, this surgical tray by Ajanta is also cover less. The cover less design cuts the cost of the try making it the choice of many professionals.

The surface of the tray is not completely flat, it has lifted areas. Such a design enables the instruments to be easily picked up during surgical operations. The adequate size of the tray makes it lightweight and easy to carry.

The steel used in the making of the tray is high quality. The product is long lasting and durable. The tray is manufactured under supervision of professionals from related industries.

If you are tired of your old surgical tray then this Ajanta try is a must buy. This tray by Ajanta is a customer preference. Only a few pieces are left in stock. So hurry up to avail those.

Grafco 3261 Flat Type Instrument Tray

This tray by Grafco has a slightly different design than the two trays reviewed above. The extended size of the tray makes it a “perfect fit” for the surgical instruments. Most doctors/ surgeons would like to carry some additional instruments for performing surgeries. This Grafco surgical tray is exactly designed for such professionals.

The tray is made of stainless steel and is silver in color. The depth of the tray is a few inches which is enough to safely adjust the instruments. Despite having a relatively larger size, the weight of the tray is just 14.4 ounces. It can be conveniently transported to longer distances. The inside part of the tray is 17.5*11 inches.

The tray has a smooth flat surface. The seamless construction of the tray and ultra-finish gives it a perfect professional look. The tray has a non-magnetic surface. The magnetic instruments do not stick to it. Therefore, the instruments can be picked quickly from this tray during operations. Such features in the tray contribute to overall efficiency of the surgeon.

The tray comes in a perfectly shaped box. The corners/edges of the tray are rounded and not sharp which makes it easy to carry. Usually the surgical trays are carried in a rush to the operation theaters. There’s a likely chance of injuries if the edges are sharp. Also if the design of the tray is not specific for medical settings than there is a high chance of customer dissatisfaction.

The tray is easy to clean. The surface or the material of the tray do not wear away from repeated uses. The surface of the tray can also bear slight cutting. The product is durable and long lasting.

The tray has 5 star reviews on Amazon from the customers. Besides being used for surgical purposes customers have also reported to use it for domestic and office use just to keep their things at one place. The tray can be put on any table top and counter. This Grafco tray does not take a lot of space and fits easily. Provides a clean surface to work on and carry instruments. A great choice!

A surgical tray is a critical instrument for a surgeon. Sometimes it becomes one of the most needed tool for efficiently saving lives. A tray should be both convenient and have an easy to use design for. These cover-less surgical trays are one of the best trays available in the market. With the right choice of trays, you can carry both specialty and general purpose instruments at one place.



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