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3 Best and Affordable Synthetic Hair Front Lace Wigs

synthetic hair front lace wigs

Front Lace wigs have recently taken over the wigs market as hair loss issues have become common. For a front lace wig, the headpiece is created with a thin base that covers the front of the head (usually 2-3 inches). The back of a front lace wig is same as a traditional wig having strands of hair sewn into the netted fabric.

These front lace wigs come with a strap that has to be adjusted at the back, the combs are present at the sides which hold the wig at place. Lace front wigs come in different colors, lengths and hair type. The price of the wigs usually depends upon the type of hair used in the making. Synthetic hair front lace wigs are usually less expensive than natural hair front lace wigs. Today, we are going to discuss the affordable option for you, we have reviewed three of the best and affordable synthetic hair front lace wigs available on Amazon:

Fennell Long Lace Front Wig

These Fennell Lace wig comes with adjustable straps and three combs. The hair used in the making are synthetic but high in quality. Each front lace wig is manufactured by skilled workers in the industry. The fact that these Fennel Lace wigs are hand-made make them even worth buying.

Flexible and comfortable wire fiber hair are used in the making. The hair give a natural and beautiful look when put on the head. In addition to the hair quality being ultra-high, the lace used is also very comfortable to put on. Swiss lace is used that is both strong and soft. Strong so that it does not fall of your head and soft so that it does not hurt your skin. The lace color is medium brown and is the same for all kind of hair color and shades.

Unlike, other front lace wigs that start to give you an itchy and sweat feeling after some period of use, this front lace wig will be your favorite hair partner for long, it is very smooth and does not smell when put on for a longer duration especially in summers.

The synthetic hair can be styled up to almost 160 degree Celsius temperature. The length of the hair is the same as shown in pictures. It is made sure that all hair strands have the same length and quality. The weight of this wig is also a few grams only. The cap is stretchable and therefore can be adjusted to any head.

This Fennel wig has amazing customer reviews on Amazon and have reported to extremely like its color shades and length. You must also not miss on this one. Check it out on Amazon and just sit tight to have it.

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Passion New Synthetic Lace Front Wig

This front lace wig by Passion is made from 100% Japanese synthetic fibers. The fibers are high in quality and resistant to damage. It is a full head wig having curly hair to give you your next favorite look. It comes in a single length of 28 inches and 350g weight. The fibers used in the wig are extremely durable and will work through the whole year in any temperature and season. Changing temperature would not affect the hair quality so you do not have to worry about hair damage in winters. Use this wig for style change, fashion and fun.

This Passion wig is extremely easy to wash, no special steps are needed. Just use a little shampoo and wash with cold water. For effective use, the users should keep in mind the instructions. The wig comes with a cap that can be easily adjusted according to the head size. It stays very nicely on the head and you would not need to readjust it again and again.  You would not need any pins or clips to fix this on the head.

These synthetic hair are nice in quality and closely resemble human hair. The texture is just lovely which will give you natural hair feeling. The hair type is wavy and the shades are the same as shown in the product description pictures. Using this wig will add a new style to your look and personality. Detailed directions and usage instructions provided with the package make this wig a top customer choice.

Fast shipping, great product and beautiful wig!

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Blonde Synthetic Lace Front Wig

This synthetic hair wig by Ebingo has an irresistible blonde color that is going to rock your everyday look. The hair material is pretty soft and natural. The head circumference is adjustable and comfortable to put on head.  

This front lace wig can be beautifully styled into a braid or a high pony tail or you can just leave it as it is. This is going to be your favorite and easiest hair style. Customers on Amazon have outstanding views of this wig.

Receiving the package, you will find beautiful and soft looking hair packed within it. The hair are tangle free with the hands perfectly made to give it a finished look. The wig is also free from baby hairs. Different lengths are available, though the one having a 24 inches length is most liked by customers.

The product is durable and will last long if proper care is observed for example customers should take care not to dye the wig as synthetic hair can be sensitive to the treatment. These gorgeous looking hair are a must try.

Get your front lace wig by checking one of these amazing products on Amazon. Best quality and price. Your next favorite hair partner is just here!

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