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3 Best Selling Tote Bags for Nurses On Amazon

tote bags for nurses

Being a nurse brings a high sense of responsibility. Caring for patients, reaching on time, doing multiple tasks and dealing with emergency situations all are some regular tasks of a nurses’ routine.

For performing duties in the best possible manner, the nurses have to carry a large number of tools with them. They have to make sure that they have all the essential medical equipment at a particular time. On the other hand, nurses can perform all these tasks only if they keep themselves organized and take care of their personal hygiene. Therefore, for better management many nurses look for adequate sized bags that can carry their professional and personal stuff.

Luckily, we have such bags available on Amazon. “Tote bags” are large in size and come in different styles. There are many different varieties of Tote bags that can be purchased from Amazon. This article covers three best-selling Tote bags that are available for nurses.

Nurses Insulated Neoprene Lunch Tote Bag

This Neoprene Nurses bag by EatRite is loved by Nurses. It is particularly a “Lunch” Tote bag. The nurses who have to work on duties for long hours and mostly do not get enough time for taking lunch at the local cafeteria. This Tote Lunch bag can carry their lunchbox so the nurses can eat at any time.

This bag is both fashionable and stylish. It carries the lunch items or lunchbox upright so there is no food or water spilling inside. It has a length of about 13 inches. The nurses can easily carry about two to three lunch boxes and a bottle inside this Neoprene Lunch Tote Bag.

The best feature of this Tote bag is that it is fully insulated. The Neoprene material keeps the contents inside at the wanted temperature. So, now none of your sandwiches and fries will go cold. If you want your water to stay cool throughout the day then you can further add a small ice pack.

The bag can be washed and reused as desired. Mostly, the nurses have to keep their bags on the floor while dealing with patients. The bags may acquire dust or germs. In this case, a washable bag is highly desirable.

The bag is heavy duty and has an easy zipper design. The upper side of the bag has a handled shape which can be used to lift it up easily. The handles have a soft grip making carriage a delight. This Neoprene Lunch Tote Bag by EatRite is pink in color with a beautiful design on it. No doubt your nursing mates are going to ask you about this cool bag.  

You must check out this bag on Amazon, having great reviews by customers!

Shirts By Sarah Tote Bag

This is a perfect Tote Bag for Nurses who like to add a bit of life to their daily working routine. It comes in a range of exciting colors and has funny words printed on it that say “I Will Stab You”. There is also an injection in white color present alongside this wording. Mostly, young nurses and students like to carry this bag.

This Tote bag is made of high quality polyester. The material of the bag is durable and long lasting. The bag has a zipper closure which makes the bag very easy to open and close. The length of this bag by Sarah totes is greater than its width giving it a beautiful rectangular shape.

The best aspect of this Tote bag is that it is made of 50% recycled material. Therefore, it is environmentally friendly as well. It has two handles on its top that match with the color of the bag. The handles can be used to carry the bag from one place to another easily. The handles are very sturdy and do not come off even if the bag has a lot of items inside.

The generous size of the bag allows the user to carry all essentials. No extra bags or trouble in carrying your items. The bottom of the bag is hard and carefully designed. So, you can easily carry heavy weight items within the bag without the worry of it getting damaged.

This bag doesn’t has any pockets or compartments inside. There is one single big compartment which carries all the stuff. The print and color of the bag stay intact and bright even after it is washed. It is great and literally a bag for everything.

The wording on the bag gives everyone a great laugh. Even patients smile and laugh as they read the wording on the bag. It makes the duty hours a lot more interesting and fun! It has a lot of 5 starred reviews by customers. A must get!

Nurse Mates Tote Bag

This Nursing Bag by Nurse Mates is made of rubber material. The rubber material makes resistant to water and other unwanted things. It comes with multiple compartments which is perfect to keep the stuff organized.

There are special document and laptop compartments. The bag is big enough to carry all your professional stuff. It consists of a large hinged mouth. The upper side of the bag has two handles. There is also another handles attached to its rear side. This handles allows the bag to be carried on the shoulders.
The size and quality of the bag are both great in the given price. The bag is sturdy and durable. It can also carry all the first aid items inside it. It comes in various colors. Though, medical patterns are not available in the bag design. The strap, stitching, handle and zipper of the bag are all held very nicely.

It is an ideal choice for college nursing students who have to carry a lot of stuff with them during training.

These tote bags on Amazon are a must check. If you are a nurse and are looking for bags that will adequately carry your stuff then we recommend you to purchase one of these bags and make both your work life organized and beautiful.


Beth Martel

Beth Martel

Beth Martel is a mother of two, a medical professional and a humanitarian. In her free time, she loves to read books and spend time with her family.

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