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3 Best Workout Benches for Home or Commercial Gym on Amazon

Yes, you read it right! We are going to review the three best benches for home and commercial gyms available on Amazon. It is amazing how these benches suit both the needs of a small scale home gym and those of a large scale professional gym. These machines are a great buy if you are planning to upgrade your fitness routine or challenging yourself with new goals.

The workout or weight benches are especially designed for weight training. These benches can either be adjustable or fixed. With so many options in the market, you can be overwhelmed or feel a bit confused about which one to buy.

You need to ask yourself a few questions to decide which bench suits you the best including; how many positions do you need?, how much weight you are lifting? Do you need a decline bench? Do you want a mobile or a fixed bench? What is your budget?.  Below are listed reviews about three of the best workout benches that may answer your questions.

Universal 5 Position Weight Bench

This bench by Nautilus is an adjustable type bench that offers you to move in five different positions (-10, 0, 15, 30, 45 degrees) and perform dozen of exercises. Its unique design will help you achieve better results in your weight training. This bench challenges your entire core and upper body. It is very decent in color, the grey colored bench complements surroundings in any home or professional gym.

The Universal 5 position weight bench is comfortable for the user. There are five inches thick foam rollers that ensure safety and comfort. Most benches have a rough foot and finish and they have a tendency to damage your flooring. This is a particular concern if you are a fitness freak and want to adjust the benches in a corner of the house. With this Universal bench you are free from all such worries. It consists of stabilizer levelers that provide a stable standing on any kind of flooring without damage.

The dimensions of the bench are 17*25*51 (W*H*D). It is able to support 250 pound maximum user weight and 430 pound maximum user weight lift. Care should be taken to observe these limitations for ensuring smooth working and durability of the product.

Workout in an effective way with this weight bench and achieve your muscle goals. The leg brace of this bench is fixed. If you do not want a mobile bench then this is a perfect choice to have. It has a single piece top and standard seat. An excellent buy for your gym. Designed with detail to support a variety of exercises. Fits the body easily, made with quality material to provide you the best experience. Light in weight yet sturdy in performance. Wonderful customer reviews, get it from Amazon now!

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Bowflex SelectTech 3.1 Adjustable Bench

This Blowflex bench is categorized under the best-selling by Amazon. Hot colors and exquisite design impart aesthetic look to your workout area convincing you to go high with your fitness goals.

It can be adjusted to four different positions and you can perform up to 30 different exercises with this. It provides an added decline position support by the help of its leg hold down. The leg hold down can also be removed if you want. Flexible features suited for each person.

It helps to correct your posture and stabilize your movement during workout. You will be able to feel the difference in your fitness by having this machine. Allows you to work out and enjoy maximum comfort. It has a weight free design that allows excellent muscle building. If you feel stressed or ached as a result of your exercises then you need to buy this bench.

Enjoy space-efficiency with this Bowflex bench. It occupies a little space and offers you to perform a number of exercises combining all strength building machines in a cost-efficient way. Guaranteed quality, durable designs and ensured results.

Bowflex is a renowned name for fitness equipment. Bowflex fitness machines are even used by astronauts. The company provides customer support and handles all customer queries. The product also comes with a specified warranty period which reinforces its great quality.

It has a single piece top with rounded seat for legs and supports a maximum weight of up to 300 lbs. Amazing customer reviews on Amazon, more than 600 positive reviews by real customers.

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Marcy Utility Flat Bench

Unlike the previous two decline style benches, this one is a flat bench. In addition to an adjustable bench, some people may like to keep a separate flat bench for low intensity workouts and weight training. This Marcy flat bench is the best-selling and most reviewed in its category on Amazon. It is very comfortable and decent looking in design and performance.

This flat bench is black in color with a red “Marcy” logo on one of the ends. It has a durable powder coated finish. It can be used in combination with other equipment to target core muscles and get the best results.

Perform a multiple range of exercises in a compact space. It allows to gain strength, resistance and build muscle mass. Most efficiently, this bench can be used for abs workout. You can add free weights or exercise bands while performing exercises on Mary Utility Flat Bench. It firmly supports your body with its high density foam top and gives you expected results. It has a rectangular shape and a sturdy make that will keep up with your active lifestyle. The maximum weight it can support is 300 lbs (weight of the user plus lift weights).

More than 760 amazing customer reviews, great quality and even greater price. You would not regret this purchase. Check out the reviews from Amazon.

These benches will add more power to your fitness routine. If you want to achieve big results than switch from your old ones to these cool benches. They will allow to you have a comfortable workout experience.

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